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Chap. 32. An Expofition upon the Bookof :J o B. Verf. xo. 73. know that theyhave it. An atfec`tation toappeare knowing, is as bad as to be ignorant. I willpewmine opinion (faid Elihu) But why would he fhe4v it? We have reafon to judge , it was from the honelly of his heart, not from Lhe height ofhis Spirit. And when ever we ul ew our opinion, we ought to (hew it out of an honeft heart, and for honeft end, fuch as thefe. Firtt, To inftrutk thofe who are ignorant. Secondly , To reduce thofe who are out of the way. Thirdly , To feed hungry foules with wholefome dot-trine, ( Prov, io. 2t.) The lips ofthe righteousfeed many. Fourthly, To ftrengthen the weake. Fifthly , To confirme the doubtful!. Sixohly, To comfort the forrowfull. 'Seventhly , To encourage the fearefull. Eightly , To quicken the floathfull in the wayes and worke of God. Laftly , And above all, That God may glorified by the ufe of the talent that he bath given. (t Pet 4. 1 o.) As everyman bath received the gift, evenfominifler the fame one to another, as good Stewards ofthe manifoldgrateof Gad. Stewards mull not fet up their owne,but their Mailers Intereft. We fhould minifter by every gift as Stewards of the manifold grace of God. I will Phew mine opinion ( faith Elihu. ) But what halle ? Elihu it feemerh forefaw force ready to ob- jeu ; Why doeyou ayoung man take upon you to fpeake in a caufe, wherein fo manyof your Elders andBetters havenot pre- vailed ? whyare you fo buffe ?'Ticmuch boldnes for you, or fuch as you to declare your opinion in this controverfie, Wherein fuch wife,learn d, & godly men have,without fucceffe,ingaged alrea- dy. To this objection, Elihremakes a prevenring anfwer, rendring this accourir of his undertaking;As if he had faid,Ihave attentive- ly obferved all thepafJ'ages and traverfes ofthisdi#ute,l havebeard all that jobs friends ha- e offered, whetherfor vindication of the re- f fee and righteoufnefs of Clod in laying that great ailiîlion upon him, or for the conviElion offob, to make him fee his fin, and fit downehumbled. Ihave heard all this (faith Elihu ) and upon the whole matter I find, job is yet unanfroered, or that there is need of a further anfwer to flop his mouth, to fslence his complaints, and L humble