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Chap. 32. An Expoftion upon the Boo,of J o 14. Verf. 75 your words. The truth or reafon that is in words, is the wifdome Aidivi pru of them. So that, whenElibu faith, Igave care to your realns, denriam ve- or, toyour underfanding, it intimates that he tooke the exade(ffitligenvmè heed he r c):12,.bly could to hod out the utmoll: tendency and pur- aufeulravi ra- poie of their difco:rrfe. As if he had Paid; Ihave weighed every times vegas, tattle that ye have fitoken, and tryed it by mine eare,to find whether quas ex &pro intelligentia it werefoldyea or no, vefi`raattuii There is One chufe further to be opened in this verfe ; I d7 quas doffas gave Bare to your reafons, -While you fearched aft what to fay. efe putalla et ad rem aptas. Mere: This implyeth that jobs friends did ever and anon, take time to confider either each r an with himfelfe, or that they confulted one with ano-her, what anfwer to (hapeand make to Job. Whileit ye fearched out, The word which we tran(late tofearchout, notes the ftri6e1 seruta. fearch after that which is hifiden, r,mae and feerer.'Tis apply- tasr, perfrnta- ed ( Dent? i 3. 14. ) to that care which Judges ought to take'in t efl remeta finding out the truth ofan accufation brought againíi enticers to 0(irufa. Idolatry. The (}tie-tnefs of the Originoll is, While yefearched out wads. As ifhe had Paid , 1 am perfwaded you havefirainedyour felves to the turnoff, to find out what to fay , you did not fpeake what came next, but fearchedfor your anfwers. We may learns a good leffen from the practice of Eau ; we fee he was no idle heater ; yea in him we have the defcription or character ofan active hearer ; 1 waited for your words, 1 gave ears toyour reafonings, while ye fearched out what to fay. Hence note. We muf diligently heave and give Bare , weigh and confider what is fpok n, before we give anfwer. Noman is well prepared to anfwer, but he that hath been an attentive hearer. And as no man can be a -fit aniwerer in poynts under difpuca, ion, fo no mancan be a fruirfuli praefifer in poynts of<infirueelion, but he that bath been a diligent hearer. 'Tis our duty,Kwhen the word is preaCht, to Waite, not for a found of words, not for fine words, or words dreffed up with affe&ed eloquence, but for found favory words, for words that have L a weight