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74 Chap. 3 a. 4n E.xpoftien upon the Book, of J o B. Verf. a i bureìblehire under the handandfoveragne ja'ower of Clod. This is the fcope and fumme of thefe two verfes following. Veri.'i . Behold, I waitedfor your words, Igavecare to your reafons, whilefl youfearched out what to fay. Verf. s a. Yea Iattended unto you ; and behold, there is none . ofyou that convinced Job, or that anfivered his words. You have the generall fence ofthe text, I (hall yet proceed to amore particular explication of it. Beheld, I waited for your words. 17r1' moraron Th °e wo:.d which we tranflate to waite, imports threeWhin s præßola- inScripture Firfl, an a& of hope, or to be carried towards any rusel, cape- thing defirable, with a wonderful! delire to enjoy it ; Hopecau- fEávtt. feth the f ule to breath after fruition. Secondly, the word irnplyeth that griefe or trouble which pofleffeth the mind upona long flay or detainment of that good which we define and hope to attaine. Thirdly, it notes, the foules patient waiting( thoughgrieved and burdened withprefent delayes) for future enjoyment. In all or any of thefe fences, Lasmight fay , Behold, I waited for you words, I earnefily defired tó hare you fpeake to farisfaC&ion,. and I am grieved that,youdidnot ; and I would, if need were. patiently waite ftill,did I not perceive you had done,and quitted your handsof this worke. Behold, I waited for your words. ,1Dï17' Mr Broughton renders; Behold, I waited through yourjjaeecb, or, intoyour words. I flood flili, but I have not been afleep, I have long expe6ed , you would fay what is right, and I have feriouf- lyconfidered what you fayd, I waitedfor yorsr words ; Igave care to your reafons. Attendiufq ad That is, to find what convincing realm was couched in your fenfa veJ1ea; arguments. The Hebrew is, I gave eare toyour underflandzng; Sum i.e. Accu- -That is I attended ro find our your 14:preheniions , or rogather ratiOne" up your fence in this matter, that I might not miflake your guam penitiii- meaning nor anfwer at randome. The vuloir tranflationreads ir, me ,yenta animi n' U veftri Awl, i have heardyour wifdome; That is, what wifdome there was in 7ta.,Idz... your