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Chap. 35. ex.'n Expofrtion theBook of J o Verf. t 3. 9 got him crucified at la& As ifthe man had laid , Were he that cured me of my blindnefs fuch a firmer es you reckon him tobe, he could never have obtained power from God to cure me of my blindnefs, for we know Clod heareth notfinners. When men fin and pray as it were by rums, their prayers are turned into fin, and therefore will not be returned in mercy. God lometimes heals finners in wrathand judgement, and he fomethr,es will ro: hear Saints,as to the grant ofthe thing inhard prayed for, in love and mercy ; but henever denies práytrg Saints in wrath, nor doth e ever hear a (inner ( fuch a one as is here intended) in mercy when heprayeth. Now, as when the Difciples heard Chrifisanfwer to the Phá- rifees quefüonabout Divorce,they prefently faid,(Math. a 9.1o.) If the safe of the man befo with bis )44 it is notgood to marry ; fo force hearing this doarine, that God heareth not proud (inners when they cry or pray, maypofiïbly fay,, - if the cafe of the proud be thus with God, it is not good for/rhem to pray at all. To fuch I anfwer, this doc}rine is not urged tomake proud or impenitent finners to leave praying, but to leave their pride, 'cis urged to make them humble under their oppreflìons and afflktions, not to make them prophane. They who (as they are) cannot get by prayer, certainly they cannot get by Gaffing offprayer. What an- fwer can they have who crynot at all to God, when force may cry and get no anfwer 1 as Elihtt here fpeaks, 7here theycry, but stonegiveth anfwer, 'becaufeofthe pride ofwicked:wen. This fence or interpretation moll infifted upon in this s ath verfe , will ap- pear more full and faire inopening the r 3thinw-hich Elihu brings down what he into a firong and peremptory conch;fi_ did 6?; ,'upc_ on or the next verle renders anotherreafony why God would not Frt d can/» m,niene;z E:r. relieve chafeoppreffed ones,It was not only for the pride of their ¡honer.:atp ' r_ fpirirs, ( v. t 2. ) but allo for theçptinefs and heartlefnefs of e Îublrru, their prayers; or becaufe the prayers of proud and evil men a:e heartlefs or empty. Veit'. 1"3. Surely God will not hear varsity, neither will the Al- mighty regard it, Theycry, but God will not hear e why will he not hear ? what hinders ? He tells us botla why and what. N 2 Surely ,