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Chap. 33. an Expfition repon the Bookof J o . Verf.t;. Surely God will not hear Vanity. What is vanity ? What faith vanity ? hath vanity a tongue ? 'can vanity fpeak ? the Text faith, gad will not hear vanity. Fis frequent anScripture, toascribe a tongue, and a voyce to fin of any kind ; though ;force fins are more vocal' , and fpeak louder than others, yet all (peak. Jut when he faith, Surely, (or, with- out all Queliion) the Lordwill notbear vanity, by vanity we are to underhand vaine menpraying ; or vanity is put for the prayers and crys of thole perlons who are as vaine as vanity it fell. The 2311/ t° er" word rendred vanity, fignifieth a lie, as allo rafhnefs, temerity ; rsendfcutm,' God will neither hear rafh-headed, nor falfe-hearted prayers, dicitur de re he will not hear vaine pra rs, or theprayers of vaine men. The fal1f vana,levi Abflra61 is often put for 4110Concrete an Scripture, .( Pfal. 107. (7 inutiti. 42. ) all iniquity fhall flopher mouth. Whenthe Lord brings about that mighty work,che bringingdown of the mighty, & fets the poor on high, ( thofe that are at once poor and húrnble the Lord will let on high) , then Iniquity, that is, wicked men, men of iniquity,fbalt flop their mouths, or have their mouths flopt, they (hall not have a word to fay, as gaine-faying that righteous and glorious work of God. So here, God willnot hear 'vanity, that is, vaine men, or men that pray vainly; all that,which Even fpeak., or acl, is vaine orvanity, if it 'be not good, if it be not anfwerable to the will and ends of God ; yea whatfoever prayer dothnot pro, - ceed from faith, and flow from a pure heart, is vanity, 'cis but firaw,andHubble, drofs, anddung. God will not hear vanity, Neither will the Almighty regard it. He that will not hear, will much lets regard vanity. The fence is gradual, regarding is more than heating, we mayput both toge- ther, he will not hear with regard, nor regard what he hears from Inch. -T4e firong God, who bath all power inhis hand, the power of Authority, or the power of a Judge, will not hear vanity. The All-mighty, The All-juficieit, whobath all power of efficiency in his hand, the nourifher, and preferver, the punifher and cor- re&er of all men ; this Shaddai wil.l not regard vanity, he will not give it a lookwith refpe&l, no not one good look. Theword fignifies to fix,or fet the eve with firong intention iron any thing or perfori. The Prophet Elifha fpake to this retie, though heufed =other intendit imam& vì- fwn, intent* tÚfurai ocúfis