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96 Chap. 3 5, at( Expljrien upon the Book., of J o s. Verf. I ;.' when they pray alfo with anevil mind. And when this, andother Scriptures fay , he doth neither hear nor regard them ; there is more intended thanexprefred,eventhat he doth rejeé and abhor them, that they are a burden and an abomination to him. The Scripture is much in (hewinghow much God makes ofholy pray- ers. For ara, God hath not only promifed to hear, but regard fuch pra)ers, ( c fal, 112. t 7.) He will regard the prayer of the deffitute, and not defpiJe their prayers ; that is, he highly prizeth and efleemeth them. Secondly, The Scripture telleth ns , God delighterh to hear fuch prayers, they are fweet to him , they are the bell mufick in his ears ; Let me hear thy voyce, for [west ss thy voyce (her prayer-voyce he means chiefly) faith ChcifI to his Spoufe, ( Cant. 2. a ..) Thirdly, TheScripture afïureth us, that God looks upon or reckoneth prayer as an honour done to him, 'cis an eminent part of ivor(hip, 'pis the giving of him glory ; certainly there,fore,( take prayer purely) God doth regard it verymuch ; he will have regard to that which he hath promifed regard to, he will haveregard to that which is fweet and de- lightful to him, which is an honour and brings glory tohim;there- fore there tuft needs be a great matter in it, when he faith , He will not regard a prayer ; fuch a prayer mull needs be very vile, impure, and (lark naught in it fell, which he thus thruftethfrom him, or cannot away with. It muff be confeffed,that God fometimes defers to hear (that is, ro anfwer) the prayers of thofe that call upon him in faith, and even their prayerswho call upon him humbly and fincerely. Holy prayers are not alwayes prefently anfwered,but holy prayers are never unregarded, never rejeOed. 'ris never faid inScrip- ture, God doth not regard the prayers of a godly man. God may let him flay long for the anfwer of his prayer ,to tryhis, faith, and patience ; but he will not flight his prayer. As it is the duty of all mento pray, and the defire or delight of a godly man, ( when his heart is in a right frame) to pray, fo it is the privikdge of everygodly man, his prayer is heard and regarded. And as it is the fin ofmoti wicked menthat theypray not at all,(Pfal. r4. 4. pr. i o. z 5.) fo it is the mifery ofall wicked men, that their prayers, though they make many and long prayers, arenot heard, are not regarded. They arefar from the grace and feare of. God, who regard not topray unto him; and they are as far from the mercy