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Chap. 3 5. an expofitïon upon the Book of J o s. Verf. t 3. mercy and favour of God, whole prayers are not regat:ded. And if a man beupon fuch bad termswithGod, that he is not regard- ed, when he is at his bet work, his praying-work , Ohow little is fuch a one regarded when he is at his worfl work , his finning work I If fcme men are not regarded, when they are praying to God, what are they when they are (wearing, and blaspheming God, when they are caufleílyvexing or oppretling their brethren? If forne menare not regarded when they are praying, what are they when they are revelling and reviling( The Lords indignation breaketh out to the utmoll againll wicked men, when he cells them, the belt of their duties, their prayer, is vanity, and though they cry much tohim, he will not hear nor regard them. The Lord bath notlaid to thefeed of Jacob, feel ye me in vaine,(Ifa.4 S 19. char is, ye 01a11 not feek me in vaine, na, as your prayers are honourable and acceptable unto me,fo they (hall be profitable and beneficial unto you; you that go forth weeping, bearing,and fcat- tering this precious feed , (hall doubtlefs cerne again and bring your (heaves with you, your prayers (hall be returned with blef Pings upon your fouls, upon your bodies, upon your elates, upon your families, in which you live, as alto upon the Nationsand up- on the Churchesamong whom you live. Thus the feed of Jacob have found and (hall further find by the Wetted experiences of all thefe bletlings, that God bath not fad to them, Seekye mein vaine. He hath onlyfaid of them who are vaine , your feekings of me are vaine in themfelves, and will be vaine, fruitlefs, an- fwerlefs unto you ; for I the Lord will not hear vanity, neither wia I the AEm<gbty regard it. JOB, 97