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ChaR. 3 5 . t, n Expofstion wpm theBoole,.of J o Y. Verf. 4. 1 o3 only that he is, but what he is, or that he is Eternal and Infinite, . that he is Mott Wife and Omnipotent, that he can do all things, or that nothing is too hard for him, he having brought all things out of nothing. There is a Third Medium or Meansby which. we may fee God, and that is, HisSon, our Lord Jef : Chriff, (2 Cor. 4,. 6.) The light of theknowledge of the Glory ofGodfhi- neth to us in theface of fetus Chrifi ; that is, in the perfon of Chrifi, God-Man, we may behold the glorious Grace ofGod unto poor finful lot+ man. All the beams of Divine Love are colleted in, and iffue forth from the face of Jefus ChrilL He that would fee howgood, how gracious,howmerciful the Lord is to (inners, let him by aneye of Faith, or fpiritualContemplati on look Chrifi in the face, and there he thall find the expreffe Charmers of all that Glory. By there Means, or mediately in all there wayes, God may be feen, and is feen by his People. This Threefold fight of God, is the fight of Faith ; it is by Faith that we fee him in his Word ; it is by Faith that we fee him in his Works ; it isby Faith that we fee him in his Son. Thus we are toundertiand that of the Apofile concerning Mofes, (Heb. a a. a7.)Hcendured, asfeeing him that is invifible. We mayaltodiflingui(h of this fight of God two ways ; there is a fight of God firfi in grace, which is, though a true and real, yet an imperfe& fight, of which the Apoflie fpeaks (t Cor.. t 3, a 2.) Now we fee as in a glaffe, darkly. Secondly, There is a feeing of God in glory, which is there called A feeing ofhim face to face: Of that fight Chrifi fpeaks (Math. 5 8.) Blefed are the pure in heart., for they fhallfee God. As they now fee him in the difpenfations of his Grace here, fo they (hall fee him in the gi- vingsforth, or manifetfations of his Glory to there hereafter. Nowwhenjob complainer!), or Elihu bringshim in complaining, That he fleawld not fee God, we are not to underffand it, as if he defpaired of ever feeingGod in Glory, or had concluded in his eon} 6-6E1, thathe Thou-ldnever fee him in his ways of Grace,or profeffëd that at prefent he had no fight at all ofGod by faith;for, though Iconceive 74s fight of God by faith, or in the wings of his Grace, at that time was very low anddim, yet forne fight he had of him byfaith, enough t am flue to preferve and keep him frommaking, any fuch'negative Conclufion againtf -himfelf, that be fl I riot ffeeGad inGlory. But that which he chiefly in tendeth'