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04 Chap. 35. e/InExpoftiomupon the Book of Jo B. Verf. r q.. -11 rntendrt tendeth, is, that he feared he should not come to fee him in fuch a day and wayof tryal, as he before de(ired in the 23d Chapter, videni feren- fe ell, pro afla- (vent, , 9. ) or that Cod would never manifeil himfelf fo cleer- re corati ali- ly in his Providences and dealings about his cafe in this world, quo cummagna as might acquit him, and bring the matter in queflion to a full aura duc , (fate that all might rake noticeof his wronged integrity. fob rra ro was under a great Cloud at that time, and feared that Godhad m{l}"o in a > vultu,fed eat; covered himfelf with a Cloud alto, (as the Church bemoaned her rapiread inter- fell, Lam. 3. 44.) and therefore Paid, I!hallnotfee him ; I (hall roginrurr re- not tee him as a Judge acquitting me, and giving fencence for fpi,ienternq ;p - me. Some conceive, that the Hebrew word rendred Seeing, dice, r scums refers to a pei fon brought before a Judge, for the tryal of his Intrepide cu J gore ding before him, not as a guilty Malefa&or, dear. Bold, with a heavy heart, and a down-look, but as a man confcious of his own innocency, with much honeta boldnefie, and well tem- pered confidence. The words following intimate Inch a fence of that word, Although thoufayeft, thou (halt not fee him, (that is, be brought to tryal,)(yet judgement is beforehim, he will certain- ly try thee. This I tam tobe the moll proper Explicationof thefe words, Althouh thoufoyeft, thou (hale notfee bino. fob fpake this as the worn of his cafe , as that which was a greater grief and mifery tohim, than all his othermiferies and griefs, that God would not fet him in a clear light before others, or that himfelf Mould not have a clear light fromGod concern- ing his condition. Hence Note ; Thefight ofGod, or Clods difcoverie of himfelf in any darkcafe, is very tweet to anupright and graciousfoul. fob had begged for this once and again, though poffibly, as Ehhu wouldhere convince him, he was fomething too forward in it, and did not enough refie t upon himfelf ; yet as he had oft- en de(ired ir, fodoubtlelie it was exceedingmuch uponhis heart, that he might have a clear difcovery from God. The Apoille, in fomewhat a like cafe,inbeing afperfed in his Minitiry,faith, We are made mansfell unto God, (zCor. .. i i.) It pleafed him that he wasmanifefl unto God : But whenGod is pleafed to manifeía himfelf unto aSoul, how pleating is that ? Wheta we can fay, now we fee God, we fee him clearing up our way, clearing up our in- tegrity,