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a og Chap. 3 5. AnExpcfLion upon the Book of J o 11. Verf.i4. and therefore t advile thee, be thou better perfwaded both of his pretence with thee, and of his providence over thee. The word rendred judgement, is that from which one of the 1?arriarks had his name, and it is a great elegancy, (Gen,. 4 -9. 16. ) Dan !hall judge his people. The proper name Dan, is the fame wich the Veib which follows, /hall fudge. When Judgement is faia to be before theLord, it may be taken three ,ayes, (fo we find it in the Scripture) Firü, we read there .o`Jit'gerñent as it is oppofed tomecy.Thefe terrible and dread- ful Judgements of Gocfare every wherefpoken of. Secondly, Judgement is oppofed to .imprudence and want of under (landing or difcretion; Judgement is awife and clear fight or apprehen- Pion of things ; as we fay fuch a one is a judicious man, or aman of a great Judgement. Thirdly, Judgement is oppofed to injufiice or tounrighteoufnefs thus we do judgementand juflice. Many have a great ofjudgemenr or underftanding,whoyet will do little judg hat is,little jù(lice,they have a right undertlan- dingof the twill do little or nothing right. Here,when itis laid,fudgement lieforehrm,we are tounderliand it in the two lat- ter fenfes;fo- though it'be a great truth that judgment as opposed ro mercy, is before the Lord, Andhe !hall have ju4ement with rout mercy, that bath ;hewedno mercy, though (as the Apo!lle adds in She fame place fames z. i 3.) Mercy rej.yceth ( orglorieth) aaga,nft fadgement ; The Lord bath judgements, all manner of judgements about httr,yet that notionof judgement cloth not be- long ro this place, 'bat the two latter. fudgement is before him ; that is, he is aGod of infinite ,underflanding and wildome, he leech every thing rothe uanof+, he goesto the bottome of every mans cafe, yea,to the very botcome of every mans heart; he fees .every a&ionquite through, and every perlon And as he knows the truth of every mans caufe andcafe, fo'he will do every man right, according to the merit of his caufe and cafe. fcflice and fudgement are the habitation ofhis throne , while clouds and dart- wefs are round abate hire, (Pfal.9?. z.) that is, though prefenc difpenfations are chrome (as in lobs cafe) yet both the proce- dure and dealings of God, as alto the rite or determination which he gives inevery matter, is juil and righteous toall men,as well asgracious and comfortable to good and upright- hearted men. Thus,judgement,or thisjudgement is alwayes before him, that