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Cap, 3 ç. an Expofition open the Bookof Jo a. Verf. 14. that is, he hath a clear fightof ir, and he is ready to do it, Hence Note, Firl , Gadbath a right and clear apprehenf n ofallperfons and aElions ,; Hisundemanding is infinite. The Lord is (as Hannah fpake in her Thankfgivin Song, i Sam. z, 3.) a God of knowledge, and by him anions are weighed ; That is, he knovveth them exactly, to agrain, as we do the weight of thofe thingswhich we have laid inan even Balance. It is required of Judges (in that advice which fethro gave to Mofes, Exod. i 8. 21.) That they (build be ablemen, that is, (not fomuchmenof able purfes, as) of able parts, menof able judgement, and of more than common under- fanding, even fuch as were able to look through every mans Caufe that camebefore them. Such is the ability of the Lords under(landing to the full, he is Omnifcien,, He is light, and is him is nodarktele at all. And as inhim there is no darknef e, fo nothing is dark tohim ; the moa intricate and knottyCafe, the moa ravel'd and vexc Caufe that ever was, is plain and evident before his eyes, with whom we have to do, and who hath todo with us. fudgement is before h'K; ; neither is there any Judge- ment before any other incomparifon ofhim ; God bath fo much light, that Men and Angels are to him but darkneffe; God feeth fo.much,that all others maybePaid not to fee,or to be (larkblind; even chafe Judges may becalled blind, who are not blinded , we may fay they have no eyes, whofe eyes are not put out with gifts, compared withGod. How blind then are thofe judges, who are blinded ? and whofe eyes are putout, either by prejudiceor pal- fion, by hopes or fears I it cannot be, but Judgement mull be loeforeGod, becaufe as he cleerly fees, and fully underflands whatfoever comes before hirn, fo nothing can divert or biais himfrom doingevery man right, according tohis fight and un- derflanding. 7sdgement is before him. Hence Note, Secondly, god will do-ritht to every man, as rare as he knows the right of every man. There are many who know what is right, who know whofe Laufe is right, yetwill not do right. But as fore as God knows every mans righ,, focertainly he will do him right. .Abraham pleaded 109 ,