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112 Chap. 35. an Expof:tien upon the book of J o U. Vetf. 14., exhorts job to,Trufting in, or waiting upon God. Only from the Connexion, Note ; Firfl , 7t is our duty to wait and trufl upon God ; And 'cis fuch a duty as will keep us dole to all other duties; a mind (laidon God , is amind fit CO move about any good work whatfoever, which God calleth us unto. Secondly , Put all together, Thoufayeft, thou (halt nor fee him, (thou art doubtful whether ever things will mend,)yet judgement is before him, therefore truP. Hence Note ; When things are not clear to so, when we have no light about what God is doing,or what hewill do, yet it is ourduty to truff' and wait upon God. We mull wait uponGod, and trail inhim, though we do not fee him, yea, though we cannot lee him, for judgement is before him. That of the Prophet ( ¡fa. so. r o.) is a clear proof of this duty, ( and fume expound this Scripture fpecially refpeólingout- ward dark providences, asothers of inwarddarknefs, or darknefs of fpirit) Who io among you that feareth the Lord, and obeyeth the veyceof hisfervants,that walketh ix darknefs, andbath no light (as job faith here,/fhaR not fee him) What (hall a poor benighted foul do in that cafe? The anfwer or advice followeth) Let him troll in thename of the Lord, and flay uponhis God. How dark foever our condition is, yet it is our duty to truft upon God ; and ifonce we are enabled togive God the glory due tohis name, in confeflìng, thatjudgement is before him,we thali readily tru(i upon him,to or- der all things for us, thoughall things feem out of order, even to amazemenrthoughwe fee heaven and earth,as it were,confound- ed, yet we (hall readily trufl uponhim, becaufe we believe, that even then judgement is before him. How loon can he turn our darknefs into light, who in the firfi Creation,when all lay toge- ther in a confuted heap, and darknefs over all, b ought forth light and jet all in order ? The Lord can command light out of da: k- nefs, good our of evil, order out of confufion, and he can do all this eafily, and at an infiant; thereforewhatever the appearances of things are, let not us judge according to appearánce,but hope and