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Chap. 35. e-4 E.%Tofitionupon theBolkef J o Verf. t. a r t not at all take ofGod from righteoufneffe in doirg Judgement he is doing Judgement righteoufly, whatever apprehenticns men have of his doings. fudgement is before him ; 7 herefore trufi thotí inhim. Elitist according to the firfl reading of the former words, ex- horts job toRepentance, f Hdge thy /elf ; and here he exhorts him toFaith, TrHft then inhim. lodgement is before him, therefore truft thou in him, or wa-t and hope in him ; for Peeing God is a Jut+ and RighteousJudge, he will not neglect or flight the Caufe of any of his People ; therefore they have all the reafon in the world to truti in him, and wait upon him. It is unbelief which makes hafle, Faith is content CO wait and tarry. The Original word bath feveral (ignifications. Pirfi , More 57 ( a i? general, togrieve, or be in painand trouble. Secondly, In fpecial, Notar i. 1-)°16' to bring forth, or the pain of a woman in travel to bring forth re. s. Parnni- a re. 3Tianere, thereismuch pain in that travel. Thus fome tranflate here, Perfever.,re. Wait for him, as a woman in travel waits for deliverance. Thirdly, 4, sperare. As it fignifies to have pain, and tohave thatpain in bringing forth Forteper meta - children, fo toattend, to wait, to flay quietly, and expe&. Ref/ ph°rsrn, quia in the Lord (('aith David, Pfal. 37. -7.) and wait patiently for iturmgauans him. We may give the reafon of this fignification from that allu- ilium corn do- fion.The woman though fhe be in pain, yet thepatiently bears it, loreparturir. becaufe 4he bath hope a man (hall be born into the world, (fohn Coc. it 6. et.) A woman in that pain, bath not onlypatience but com- fort underir, becaufe the hopes achild (hall fhortly be born,who will recompense all her farrows, in bearing and bringing him forth into the world. That's the force of this word, Truft in him. Thou art in pain, in trouble, in travel for the prefent, yet thou (halt have a bleffeddeliverance, thou (halt certainly find, that it-is not invain to trufl upon God. Thus Ehhu advifeth fob toPoch a patience as a woman in travel with child hath,who bears her pains comfortably, being refre(hed and fupporred with an affurance, and fore-fenfe of that joy which the (hall have, being once delivered. Trw/ thou in him. I have in fame other places ofthis Book, met with this Point of trufiing inCod, Job Paid in the t 3th Chapter of this Book, (verf. t ç.) Though he flay me, yet will I trofl inhim ; And therefore I (hall not itay to open that general duty, or the execcife of that Grace, which here Elihu exhorts