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Chap. 3 5. an Expo/74'0n urn the Becket' o B. Verf, t 6. a 3 3 tinkling Cimbals in ail we fay to God, unlefs we do what God tannin fonitu faith. Elihu fuppofing f bs fpirit yet unfubdued or not wrought rwtia un and brought into a right frame under his affli &ion, might well iay, ctamó4r. he opened) his mouth invaine ; and as it followeth to the fame ef- feó in the dole of this verfe and Chapter, Hemultipliethwords without knowledge. Here is another hard cenfure, upon this good , this holy , and wife man fob. Some Expofiters fall heavy uponElihu; as charg- ing lob too far ; he fpake ( fay they)many things that were right, but not rightly ; he fpake many things that were true, but he did not (peak truly in fixing them uponfob ; he fpake all uprightly, but fomewhat tóo rigoroufly : And indeed, if he had charged him fo far, as to fay, he hard noknowledge at all, and had not opened his mouth at áll to purpofe, he had charged him beyond both truth and modefiy. But elihu,who was fet up by God for this ve- ry end to humblefob, had ground to tell him, that as to foírte things, he had both opened his mouth in vaine,and multiplied words without kieowlcdge; that is,he had fpoken many words which feem- ed not to proceed from any found or well- grounded knowledge; and I may give a four-fold ground of it. Firft, Becaufe he had not fufficiently attended and magnified the Soveraignty of God, in laying thofe affli5 ions upon him. Secondly, Becaufe he had not, as he ought, fate down quietly under the hand of God ; but often called co know the caufe, and that God would plainly tell him the reafon,or give him an account why he fuffered: Whereas he ilaould have remembred,'hat asma- ny of the judgements of God are unfearchable, and his wayes pale finding out by man, fo he hash referved fame of them as fecrets in his own breafl, and will no more give any man an account of them, thanany man ought to defire an account of them. Thirdly, Becaufe he had not more confidered his fin, or had not been fo much in confidering the greatn:fs of his fin, as he had been in felting forth the greatnefs of his integrity. For though it were truewhich fob fpake, that his way was upright, and though God had given teftimony to his upri htnefs and integrity in all his wayes, yet he fhculd not have inlfied fo much upon that poynr, which had fo much affinity with- felf- boafiing, though he intended it only for fell clearing,or for the rightingof hi:cfelf, lc had been more