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t 34 Chap. 3 5. an Expoftiote upon the Goof{ of Jo B. serf. IG. r merebecoming him to have beenaggravating his fin, than letting forth his righteoufnefs ; this was the poynt that Elihu flruck at, that he had juflified himfelf too much, and judged himfelf too little. Yea fob was convinced of this at 1aft, Once have Ifpoken, but lividfpeakno snore, that is, ofmy ownio.tcgrit7, or righteouf nefs. Fourthly t Hemay be Paid to have multiplied words withcuc knowledge, becaufe he had fpoken fo much in the aggravation of his aff lions t 'Tis true,his affiiaions were very great ; yet Eli- hu cenfures him defervedly, becaufe he took too much notice s of them , complaining often and often, how heavy the hand of God was upon him, yea that God was an enemy to him ; whereas he thould rather have tookt upon the vifitationof God, as light fnfeitiain o1- and eafie, or (at leaf+) as but little comparatively, to what the "Veit pod pug. Lord was able to lay uponhim, or what his fin mighr jaflifie nontia, fatten God in laying upon him. Eli+u having obferved fob often and non 'vs inter y J p fe roloarentia long flriking upon that firing, highrning his fufferings and trou- conjunxit. bies, had realen enough not only to call him off from ir, but to Merle check him for ir. And therefore let us remember and be admo- niíhed, that in all our affli&ions we (hould not fomuch let forth the greatness of our fuffeting , as the greatnels of the mercy of God ; we should look upon little mercies as great, (it (hews an excellent fpirit, when we heighten and greaten the mercy and goodnefs of God, even in little things) but we should fpeak of, and look upon our greaten chaf}enings and affliElionsas lighr,and little. fob fayled fomewhac in all there things, and in fore of them his faylings were great ; and upon fore of, if not upon all there grounds,-I judge Elihu gave this judgement upon fob ; He opened; his mouth in vaine, and maltiplieth words wthout know- ledge. yob allo yeilded himfelf thus faulty at lair (Chap. 41. 3. ) who is he ( there he fpeaks of himfelf in a third perfon, who is he) that hided" counfel without knowledge ; therefore have Ialtered that I undcrylood not, things too wanderfu i for me, which I knew not. I shall dolemy thoughts upon this Chapter, with minding the Reader : Firff, of Elihuhis candednefs towards fob,beyond what he found from his other friends ; for Elihu chargeth job here, only with vanity and inadvertency, not with any premedirared wicked- .