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1 36 doterlia4atiL abfiol`itlaú4! 1$gaiúRxaiia9is.S A:15es&atc166Ex,4$i>!->Ei d 4+19 44+4.sd4idv 4,4sb14444414 .4 .4-0 wTá /at fiv it itirit9'ic riq vTtt s fi*Ifisac+rBr zt JOB, Chap. 36. Verf. r, 2, a, 4. T. Elihu alto proceendPaid, 2. Suffer me a little, and I mill/hero thee, that I have yet to fpea, on Gods behalf. 3. Iwill fetch my knowledge from afar, andwill of ribe righteoufnefs to my Maker. 4. For truly my words 'hall not be fadfe : he that is perfect injnowledge is with thee. Liha hath already made three addrefîes or fpeeches to fob, aid here he begins a fourth ; this and the next Chapter are wholly fpent in ir, and are the iffue of his whole difcourfe with this forrowful man. In which we may confider three parts. FirCi , The Prfae, or rather the Prefaces of his fpeech. Secondly, TheBody or Subflance of his Speech. Thirdly, The Conclufion of it. ThePreface or Prefaces, the lntrodu&ions of this Difcourfe of Elihrs with Tob, are contained in the foure verfes of this Text under hand. The Body of his Difcourfe, is begun at the fifth verfe inclu- liively, and continued to the 23d verfe of the next Chapter exclu- lively. The Conclufion ofall, is laid down in the two lafi verfes of the 37 Chapter. In this copious Difcourfe or long Oration, Elihubrings not any new affertion, er fayingof fob, tobe proved againli him, nor doth he reprove yob for any new fault, but irfifis upon the proof of what himfelf had afferted before, to Chew that God is righteous, or to maintain the righteoufnefs of God; which he doth vatioufly by looking through the various works of God , rhofe efpecialy v.hich are wrought on high, the Meteors of the aiery region, the raine,