Caryl - Houston-Packer Collection BS1415 .C37 v11

Chan. 3 , eAn Evpoftion upon theBookof f Jos, Verf. 16. a 3 5 wickednefs or blafphemy, as Flip/mt. had done, ( Chap. 22. 13i a.}.) Secondly,let me mind the Reader,of that liberty and plain- nefs of fpeech which Eliku ufed towards fob, in telling him of, and cenfuring him for his faylings; as alto sf that patience,meek. nefs, and equanimity, withwhich yobheard, received, and bare his tharpeft cenfures, not replying one word in paflion, nor fo much as pleading the leafyex, ; or his former paffionatenefs, but taking all in goodpart, an . y lofs, improving all for his fpirituali profit. Jos,