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Y3g Chap. 36.1, an Expofetion tapon the Boakof J o s. Verf. a, fha.'l,not be feefe, he-that is perfed in knowledge is with thee.Thefe are the four A:g'uments contained in this Preface, by which Eli- los like a wi':e perfwafive O:ator, would draw on the attentionof job in heating, and gain hisapprobation in receivingwhat he had to fay. We maygather up the fpirit and Jubilance of all his Ar- guments icto this one. He is to be patiently heard, and readily atffented to, who intends tofpeak'bat a little, and tbatltttle for God, and that little frogs God, and that in truth, and nothing but the truth. But what I am now about to fpeal (hali be but little, and that for God, and from God, and that in truth and nothing but the : truth; Therefore I am to be beardpatiently, &c. Suffer me a little. Sts circa NW Some render,Hand, or flay about me ; that is, have patience raututum. a aahile,be not ha ly.lmpatient perlons will be gone,theywill net Moot, abide by ir,tohear another out.Our Tranflation reaches this fence fully (according to the Idiom of our Language) Suffer me a lit- 11;1 Z Parum tile. The word which we render little, may referre either to the modicum e littlls or brevity ofhis S p eech,or to the ltcdenefs of the í 1 aace tempork et ene r quanritau dif- or time which he would fpend in (peaking ; we joyn both here ; creta', as if he had faid, I will not fpeakmoch,and therefore Ifhall not take up much ofyour time. The word is ufed by the Prophet with an addition, (Ifa. io. 25.)Yeta very littlewhile, and the indigna- tion (hall ceafe, andmineanger in theirdeftruftion ; that is, in the dellru&ion of the enemies of my People. As if he had laid., My wrath (hall not abide, it [hall not lafl long, nor continue upon my Teeple ; and when I have done with them, it thrill be turned upon their enecrsies and opprefers,the Affyrians, and towards them itfhail not ceafe, till they are utterly overturned. Take one inaance more in the fame Prophet-, nearer the bufineffe of the Test in job. (Ifa. 22. io, z t.) Lire upon Line, Precept upon Precept, here a Little,and there a Little, or now a little,ovod then et litt le. They Ball not be overburdened, they (-hall have it by drops, by inch- es, by little and little, as they are able to bear jufl as children and young Novices are taught,who cannot receive much at once, but now a letter and then a letter, now a rule, and then rule.