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Chap. 36. AnExpofition reposz the g6oka f j o n. Veri. -2. Poffibly Ell %,e perceived jobWas not in a café to hear much, ar.d therefore condefeending to his Weak condition by reafon of his long fur erings, he faith co him , St f'er me a !,"trie. Yet further, I conceive, /hen lihltfairh to fob, Stiffer me a little, it may rignifié one of cheletwo things, or both of then. Ertl, That febhad given Nina lone imerrupriot as he was fpeak- ing before. It is ufual with us, if when a man is fpeakwg, any interpofe,to fay, Prayfufferme a while, you (hall have your.liber- ty to objet or reply what you pleare when I have ddnc,Seebndty, That he had (hewed fome dillatisfa&ion with what Villa had 1pcken fully our, or when he had done fpeaking, and therefore he defired that he might furrhercieer the matter, and (peakout his mind, yet, at leaf, a little more, if it might be to his full fa- tisfacdion, and the removal of all his doubts. Suffer me a little. Lay all there things together, and they will teach us a poynt of prudence, fo to compore and compact what we have to lay, that it may not be grievous or burthen(ome to thofe that hear us, eflecially not to thole who (as fob was) are already grieved in mind, or body, or both. As the Spirit of God, tell the Faith and Patience of his People fhould fail in fufferingo, telleth, yea allureth them, it is but a little while that they (ball Puffer ; relief, or deliverance, and which is more, the Reliever, the Deliverer, is making haft towards them, (lieb. io. z7.) Tet a little while, and he (bat fBall come, will came, and will not tarry; as the Spirit of God (I fayjdoth thus nurfe up the Faith of his People in fuf- feting times : fo we had need to nurfe up the attentions of our Hearers at all times, but then chiefly when they are under any kind of fuffering, and fay, yet a little, fuller us a little, we will not burthen you much. There are two things of admirable tile in fpeaking. Fir(I, Brevity. Secondly, Perfpicuity. 'Tis rive, that they that (+rive ro be (port, prove very obfcure ; yet doubt- lefs, 'cis no very hard thing, in molt matters, to joytí pérfpicuiry with brevity, and to give a clear fenfe in a few words. Ard though it be a truth, That When we have raid much of God, and of the things of God, we have Paid but little, yea, that when we have fpoken our ail, there remains infinitely more to be fpoken, yet we (hould as mucE s maybe, aim at breviry,efpecially whe; e the Perron fpoken toi. weak, andjinfitred bybodily indiipoCti- ons to hear much. Suffer me a little, T z . And a 39