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144 Chap. 36. an Exp fstieo ripen the Boob of Jo s. Verf. ofGod, and of Divine thins, the things of God. Secondly, From afar, may imply this, I will not treat about matters of a late Date or Edition, but of things done ton fence. Thus David p-efac'd his Speech, ( PM. 63. 2, 3. ) 1 will open my mouth in a Parable, ïwrll utter darklayins of old, which rse have heard, andknown, and our Fathers have toldus. Such things a:e far off from us, which werre tranfaEled and done agreat while ago, or in former Ages, or in the firfl Age. As ifElihu had raid, 1' lefetch my knowledge, not frómyeflerday, but from ancient timer, from the very beginning of the Creation, or from rht Foundation of the w rld ; fuch things are truly afar off ; o-, I mill fetch my k>owledgefrom chofe thingswhichwere before the beginning ; that's more truly afar off. Thus aLearned Tranflater glofferh upon the Prout'resfuit Text, Iwillfpeakeven of Chofe things which mere before any thing non rantum in vifible was evenfromEternity. The things of Eternity a-e mot$ dea fecutn,fed proper to , forth and illuflrate the honour of God, and molt nIafsante om- lively expreffe hisPower and Divine Perfections. u ecu a. Thirdly, hen he faith, .1)3411fetch myknowledge from afar ; Exoeribtu the meanigmaybe this, It (hall be of admirable and fublime Deiadmiran- things, the reafon of which could not eafity begiven, nor prefent- dis et fubtimi ly found out. Thofe things are far from us, which we cannot dive NH. Merl. into, nor reach, nor fathome the bottome of, by the Line ofour underflanding : Suchare the fecret Counfels of God before the world was, and forne wayes of hi Providence in dealing u irh men everfince the world was, v filch 'are therefore laid to be unfearchable, and pall finding out ; and of thefe Elibu fpeaksat large in this Chapter, to the 26th verfe. Fourthly, Iwillfetchmy knowledgefrom afar, may be thus underflood, I will fpeak to thee of things which I have much fludied for ; I will not fpeak what comes nexr, nor what lyes up Ex "motif fed permofl, but will beat my brains for what I fay, in moll ferious necefariH meditation I will not offer thee any raw or undioefled fend principles a- ments, but (hall well andmaturely confider before I fpeak ; nor Sant, non no- will I I p eak what m y weak reason only tells me is true, but vier exconi- tarofede prin- what by light from above, and I hope by the Ipet;ial teachings of cipiocognita,et God, Iknow to be true : L will fetch my knowledge, o that accuratè pro- which I make known,from the depths of myheart, not from fud- tneditatapro- den .h afbesand conceits of my head. In all chefe fencespof?°ibty Icram.ssult. Eliha was refolved to fetch his knowledge from afar, he would not