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Chap. 36 Evpoftion"upon theBao&of Jos. Verf. 3. end and defign in doing or fpeakíng; now this is the highefi end or defign, to argue for fSod ; and therefore it may put the highest life, and liveliefl fpirits into roan, it maymake him that is weak,'irong as a Gyant, and him that is fearful, bold as a Ly- on, wh_n he can (peak in truth, that he is 'peaking truth on Gods behalf. /will fhery thee that Ihave yet tofpeak. That word (yet) bath agreat Emphafis in ir; he had been (peaking in Gods behalf before,and layes he, Ihave yet tofpeak. Ob erve, They that truebegin tofpeakfor god, will perfevere in (peaking for Clad. As when we have fpoken our all of God, and for God, there is yet more to be fpoken of him, and for him ( God is an everlafi- ing Argument, aSubjea that can never be finislaed) fo they who 'have begun (with an honefi heart and right aims) to fpeak for God, will hold on andnever give over to fpeak for him, while they have a call to it. A foul toucht with true zeal, finds it hard to make anend, when oncehe hath begun fo good, and fo honou -- able a fervice, as to fpeak for God. So much of the fecond Ar gument ofd by Elihu togain attention s Saffer mea bale, and Iwill thew thee what I have yet tofpeakon Goda behalf. He fpake for God. The third followeth. Verf. 3. Iwill fetchmy knowledge from afar, and will afcribe R-ghteoeefne ffe to my Maker. This (I fay) is Elihu's third Argument brought to the fame pu -poleas before. /willfetch my knowledge from afar, Or a great way off. From how far ? There are four notions Pr1.--%t7 under which knowledge may be Paid to be fetcht from afar. abundan a y ex aGundanti, Firfi, That's knowledge from afar, which is of things out of exlingu.e idt- fight, orinvifible , of things which not only are not, but cannot omate be fees. As if Elihu had faid,fwill not difcaurfe about fach thing's ÌJtar f erc. as fallunder common fenfitive obfervatrion, I will not fpeakof eye- ru,alam longs objellt, but of that and fach thins, asno eyebath feee, nor can petita. vacal,. 4