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Chap. 36. "e/htExpofttiors arpvn the Book of ) o s. Verf. g. e 5 5 fcience, ¿e the fight ofGod. He makes a protefr yet once more ., in the fame tenour, and fomewhat higher, (z Cor. r 3 fl.) K can do nothingagaioft the Truth ; O bleifed Imporency ! but for the Truth; t) hfetled Ability ! Who would not be weak agau,`l the Truth ? who would not be ffrong for the Truth, which is firongeUU of all,and will prevail ? And as wefhould freak nothing againtU theTruth fonothing but the Truth, nothing betide the Truth, nothing that may be any bierrifh, or turn to the leaf} dif- fervice of the Truth ; yea, though it (hould be (as we hope) for the fervice of that excellent and amiable thing called Peace ; a thing fo excellent, that we cannot over-bid, nor pay coo much for it, unlefs we part with,and pay away truth for it : and if ever we do fo, we over-bid for ir, and over -buy it indeed, and Chilli have - caute at laft to repent ofour bargain, and cry our, we have burnt our Fingers, and it would be well ifchat were all. Therefore let us remember the Lords admonition by his Prophet ( Zech. b. 19. ) Love the Truth end Peace: Firff, Truth, then Peace. Nor was there ever any true Lover of Truth, that was not alfo a Lover of Peace ; nor any'true Lover ofPeace, but was fuch a Lover of Truth,that he could lay down, or let go, his Peace for it. One of the Ancients tells us, Thereought tobe fo great a love of Truth TTdttwsft in re in us, that, wharfoever we fay tobe true, fliould be as much as if 1-erita6 anor, we had (worn it to be true, or had delivered it upon Oath. at 9,LI qurd u:- saris, uratum There is no more goodnefs in what we fay, than there is Truth in putes, }heron. what we fay. A Lye in report or Difcourle,and a Lye in Do&rine or Difpute, are both abominable to God, and fhouid be fo to man ; therefore Elihu heartily diîclaims ir, Trulymy words pall Not befalf . Re that is perfell inknowledge is with thee. This A%rtion'fuirs well with the, fore-going p o fiation n1177 E'r 11 He that is perfect in knowledge, will hell, cannot utterwords of 1'`t°3`' i ßeí' falilaood. But who is that ? and where ro be found ? un et laadtíia. derliand it of God ; He the it pertett7-inknowled1e is with thee,`A(-1), that is, Gad is with thee in this butînefs ; and a irhou t all contra~- perfie, it may be laid of God, in the highefl and aria efi facile of PecfeCtion, He isperfeEll in knowledge. 7 be Lord is aGod of k .w- ledge ( Sam. a. 3. ) as well as a. God of mercy h."(-.. is 'ás kno,ving, as he is merciful, perfep in both. Taking the Text f,, X Z. 's is