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156 Chap. 36. E¡Qn E.apofLion upon the Book of J o u. Verf.4 'tis as if Elihu had [aid, Thouhadit need;() J 6, lode, thy felf,and diligently attc d to what ïs froken,for thouhaft not to do with man,: with one like thyPelf only, but don haft to do with God. Some infift much, yeaalcogether upon this Interpretationof the word ; God is with thee, therefore receive truth ; God cannot be deceiv'd, nor doth he deceive, therefore hearken and obey. Yet Eau might fpeak thus with refpeá to the meffage brought byhimfelf for whenman fpeaking in the Name of God fpeaks the mind of God to us, it may be laid, God is with us,and fpeaks to us by him. The Apofile faith (z Cör. r 3. ç.) Ifany require a Sign or Tol en of Chrif#[peaking in me. Chrift fpeaks, while his Meflen- gers and Minifters fpeak truth. The fame Apofrle tefified of the T`, that they took his fpeaking as Gods fpeakinga (t Thrff. 2. 13.) When ye received the Word of god which ye heard of u4, ye received it not as the word ofman, best (at it is ix truth) the word ofGod. And therefore 1 conceive we are to un- derf}and the words ofElihu concerning Elihu himfelf, yet not as in himfelf, but as fitted for, and Allied in the work by Cod, He that is perfeain knowledge is with thee ; As if he had faid,Though Iair bat a young nsan,yet thou hall not to deal with an ignorant man, with one who is but anovice or fmálterer in the things ofGod, with 074 that is yet in the Elements ofDivine knowledge and learning ; He that is perfell in knowledgeis with thee. And tt is conceiv d that eau fpeaks thus in the third 'perfon for Modeflies fake, as the Apo!rle Paul alto did (a Cor. t 2.2, 3.) Iknew avan in. Corifl, &c. H doth not fay, I Paul was caught dip to the third Heaven, andheardunfp,akahle words, &c. but I knew fuck a man. Thtts Elihn here and daub' leis, he had been lyable to cenfrire, as ar- rogating roomuch to lrtufeif, had he-fpoken in the frrfr perCon , I that am perfeïl inknowledge am with thee Therefore he covers and conceals himfelf by_enreffng it in the third perfcn, He that is perfcll in knowledgeis with thoe,; that is, Fie that is IN thee to convincethee of thy former errour, and to give thee better coun- fe!, is perfel in knowledge. But is that true ? w:s E/ hn, or isany man perfeca in knowledge, or (as the Hebrew ha bit plurally ) in knowledges, that is, in all kinds of knowledge, or in all the degrees of knowledge of any kind ? Surely, No man is perfe a in the knosledge of any one thing, much lets a£ all thing, (r Cor, 13. g, 124 ) We kno;v in parti