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Chap. 3 6. c/;n Expftion upon the Bookof JO B. Vert, 4. 157 part, and prophefieinpart, u"c fee but darkly, &c. How then can it be. faid of Elrhu, Bets perfea- in knowledge ? I anfwer ; There is a twofold perfeelion. Firíf, Abfol te. Secondly, Comparative. There's no man living here below hath abfolute perfe &icn of knowledge ; yet one man being compar'd with another, may be faid co beperfect in knowledge, another not : There are various degrees of knowledge in man ; the higheif degree of knowledge compar'd with the loweff,may becall'd perfect knowledg. Thus we are to underfland Elihu (peaking at the rate of acreatura, not of God, or as becomes and is cotnmenlurable with the Rate of man in this life, whole bell perfe&ion inknowledge, is to kno his own imperfe&ions, Secondly, Elihts fpeaks not of any perfe&ion of know':edgebur of being perfe&,that is,fincetre, in knowledge. As ifhe had laid, What I know, I knowwith an honefl,upright heart and intention_ Ido not know to abufe thee or others, I make not ufe of my know- ledge todeceive the Pimple, but to inform them. Some arecrafty and cunning inknowledge, not perfe& in it ; they are knowing as the Devil is knowing, who takes his name Dumeti from his know- ledge, yet he is cot perfe&, but corrupt in his knowledge, he is fubtil, and full of devices to do mischief with his knowledge. That's perfe& knowledge , which is fincerely itrployed"fòr the Glory of God,and the good of chofe with whom we have to do, So then, the méaning of Elam may be fumm d up thus in (port ; He that is with thee (that is nay fell) will deal with thee to the heft of myunderftandinç, and in the Integrity, óf my .heart. This allo fuits well with the formerpart of the verfe, Truly my words fhall not befarfe, Hence Note ; Fir(i, Though no man heeawcth all things, yet fomekkrowmuch store than others. One is a Babe, end needs milk ; anther, is,a grown Chriflian, and can, not only receive, but give the (frommeat of in s uaien, ( Heb. 5.1 3, T.;.) Some cannot underPand wifdome, whenf. o- ken by the perfccl, t hey know not how to learn, ye:+, Tome (as the Apoflle fpeakv, s Tiros. 3. 7.) are-ever learning, but neuen, abk to come to the &Towledge of the truth. ;Others can j eek wifdomc amongthetn that are perfea (z Cor. z. 6.) that is, they are got to