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Chap. 36. an Expoftionupon the Bookof j 0 g, Verf. 5. 119 JOB , Chap. 36. Verf. 5, 6. 5. Behold, God is mighty, and defpifeth not any : he is mighty infi rength andwifdome. 6. tie- preferveth not the life of the tricked : but giveth- right to the poor. ELihu having done prefacing, proceeds to the matter of his difcourfe,wherein hegiveth a large defcription,of the power, wifdome, and jufliceof God, in his difpofure and government of the world; Firf't, In things Civil, which he profecutes CO the 26th verfe of this Chapter. Secondly, In things Natural , which he handles to the 23d verfe of the following Cfaapter.He begins in thefe two verfes,-withan excellent Elogrum, or with the high praife of God in hisdivine perfe5tions , into which he leadsis with a command of.attention, or ferious conlderation, yea of wonder and admiration. - Verf. 5. Beheld , God is mighty. I have feveral times opened the fenfe and intendment of this .i,nn, uP2L word Behold, and therefore will not flay upon it here But what pa,t arewe tobehold ? what is the fight which Efibeo reprefents to our a, porens, td faith ? it is God in his might; Beheld, God ie mighty, God is e potens . firong, potent, omnipotent, God is mighty, yea Almighty : The mus. words area plain affertion of that royal Attribute ,the Mightinefs or Ahnightinefs,thePotency or annipotency of Cod:Elihu pro- naffed to afcribe righteouffefs unto God hisMaker, yet here he begins with hisMrghtinefs ; and this we find often both afcribed to God, and aflerted by him. When,God madea Covenant with Abraham, he thus offers himfelf to his faith, though by another word in` the Original, ( Gen, v7, a.) I am the Almighty God,, walk before me,andbe thon perfelt, or upright, or fincere, (as our Margin reads it) The fame title is again repeated by Ifaac, when he difpatcht his fon 'acobwith a bleffing to Fadan-Aram, . to avoyd the furyof his brother Elan, ( Gen. 28. 3.) Thus alto fpake the bleffed Virgin, ( Luke r. 4g.) He that is mighty bath done tomegreat things, andholy is his ,Name. The holy Scrip ture$