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t Co Chap. 36. t/fn Expofitáen upon the Book, of J o B. Verf. 5. cures every where exalt the name of God by this glorious Attri- bute ; The mighty Gad, even the Lordhath fpoken, ( l?fal. S o. t. ) And he feëms even to delight in this title, The mightyGod of Jacob. Jacob was mighty with God in prayer,as a Pìincehe had power withGod and prevailed; and God loved and loves toput With his might forJacob,his Church and people,in anfwer cf their prayers. But I (ball not fray in general upon this ritle,only open- ing it a little, (hall make fume inferences from ir. God is mighty in a two-fold notion. Firft , In authority, or in command ; hë commands in chief ; God is Soveraigne and Supreame ; the Legiflative power is in his hand, he gives Lawes, and he gives the Law to all the world, ( 'PM, 6z, n .) Once hath he jpoken,and 1 heard it twice, that power (Soveraignity, Law-giving power ) belongs to cod ; He is fo mighty in this governing power,that he Both not only give Lawes to rule Nations, but he difpofeth of all the Rulers in Nations, ( Daniel Chap. z. 21. Chap. 4. 57.) And again, (\Pfal. zz.zS. ) The Kingdome uthe Lords, and he is the Governoar among the N,attons. Secondly, Betides this power of Authority, which the Lord exerciferh paramount over all the world , he hath alto another power or might ; hehash the might of Strength, as well as the might of Authority.Some have a great, a mighty Authority, but they have little or no might tomake good that Authority ; they cannot effea or carry on what they commend , howmuch right foever theyhave to command, yea how jufl and right foever that is which they command : they have Authoritive might, yet want Executive might, they cannot bring about , nor iflue what they determine. But when Elihi afferts, Behold, Clod is mighty, we are to take it under both notions, he is mighty, as he hath the whole Legiflative power in his hand, and he is mighty , as having alto the whole Executive power in his hand. The fans of men are jealous about thefe two Powers, and labour to keep them in di fîin& hands, that theywho have the Legiflative power , may not have the Executive power alto, as fearing what they would do were they veiled with both :But God ( beyond all difpute) bath both powers inhimfelf, and it is impoflible they 4hould be taken from him, or devolvedupon any others , ot,herwife than himfelf pleafeth, or permitted] ; behold and wonder, God is mighty, ( and