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64 Verr, 5. eiinExpofitionopts the Beok ef j o V. Chap. 36. he doth not faint, but the meaning is this, he hash not the 'call wearifomnefs upon him, no more than a man bath in turning his hand ; not onlyare all things pollible to God, or fuch as he can do, if heput forth the utmoft of his power and firength, if he make (as we fay ). much adoe, if'he lay hinifelf out to the full ; nos only are things thus ponible to Uod, (which. yet argueth wonderful' might ) but behold, the Lord is fo mighty, that there isnothing difficult unto him.. Not only can he pollibly do great things, but he can eafily do them ,. he cando them without the leaff trouble to hitrifelf : There is nothing hard to bin', who can do, every thmg. Mighty men have done great things,but theywilltell you they could hardly do them, they were forced to turn every 'ione ,to,ftraine every veineoftheir hearts todo them ; hereas the mightyGod cando his work with as much eafe, as delire to have it done. Seavenchly, B'ehord, God is mighty, fo mighty that he can do any thing, but that whklmill argue that he is not almighty. The Scripture fpeaks of fomething which the Lord cannotdoe,(rit. i. 2. )Inhope ofeternal life, which Godwho cannot lyebath promifed. And again, the Apolile faith of God, not onlymaking promife but oath to 4braloane, ( Heb. IS. ) That by two Immutable things in whsclo it if impoffiblefor Gate) lye', the heirs of promife onight?have firongconfolation. Once more, C 2 Tem. 2. 13.) Ifwe believe not,yet be abided)faithful! he cannotdeny hittafelf. We have thefe and fuch like negative Fropofitions concerning God, telling us-what he cannot do. Now the only reafon is faid, theMighty God cannot do thefe things, is becaure the doing of themwould argue him not to beAlmighry.To lye is tobe weak; to deny himfelf would affirme his impotency, therefore he cannot do thefe things ; the Lord is fomighty, fo (Iron°, that it is impollible for him todo any rhino, which (hould &dare any weaknefs or impotency in him. Thus I have given you feaven af- fertions concerning the might of God, all which may very well call for a beheld of admiration and aflonitliment at the mightinefs. of God. Take a few Inferences from thisgrand Afrettion. Firfl , For Comfort. Secondly, For Terror. Behold, the Lord is Mighty, Altnio0h-- ay ; this fpeaks comfort to the people of Cod. Firn , Surely then he cando whatfoever he hath promifed to