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Chap. 36. e/in Expofiti:on upon the-Btoh of J o s. Verí. S. 163 had no helper, no affiRanr, he did it alone by himfelf ; fo it is as true, as to all works of providence. Let all tren fortake him ( as the Apotile ?gul complained they did him , r Tim. 4. 16. ) and no an Rand by him , yet the Lord ( what his purpose and counfel is) canbring topaís alone O behold this might! he can do all things without the help of any ; and nor only to, but Fifthly , God is fo mighty, that he can bring all thins ro pal,, or do what he pleafeth,though all creatures fhould be oiil le:ïea, though all men and Angels, though all fecond causes (land up to hinder and to flop him. The Lord can wok his -will again( every will, againiloll contradictions and oppo(itions. Thus the Pro- phet extols the po,ver of God, (I fa. 14. 27.) The Lord of Hoff bath pnrpofed, andwhofhall difanul it ? His hand is ffretçhecl out, andwho (hall turn it back? Where we have,firfl,rhe purpose of God, nonecan d¡fanutl that ; Secondly, the executionof that pur- pole, Fie flretcheth out his hand (to do fuch or fuch a thing ) who (hail turn it back? Let all men and Devils joyn forces and counfels, let them (live to do it; they (hall not beable to do ir. ,'\,Ye have alike confeffion, ( Dan, 4. 3s. ) He doth according to his will in the Armies ofHeaven, and among theInhabitants ofthe Earth, andnone canflay his hand, or fay to him , what doll thou t Such is themightinefs of God, that he can work, not only when the creature.dothnot help him, or when theyapof}atize from and defect him or his intere(l, but though they fet their hearts and heads,their hands,and their all againtl him, they cannot flay him, nor hinder his work ; [(faith the Lord, Ifa,43 , t 3, ) will work, and wkoJGral let it ? Sixthly, Behold, how mighty the Lord is, he is fo mighty, that he cando all thefe things, and never trouble himfelf in doing of them ;he can doall things, and not be weary. We fee the tnigh tiefl among men, the Powers of this world, how they are toyled, and moyled, how they are wornout, how they fweat and labour, and are ready to faint and tire , in brine ing forme p:or bufirtei.s, fomepetty proje& about, or to its ifhue.But the great.fl defgnes which the Lord bath in his heart to do, he cando rh rn , without any wearifotnnefs or trouble at all', (Ifa. 40. L8 ) Dofl not thou know that the Lord is not weary, neither Both he faint: and when the Prophet faith, theLord is not weary , -neither doh he faint, the meaning is not this, the Lord is fomewhat weary, only Y z he