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a 66 Chap. 36. An Expoftioaa upon the Book of Jo a, Verf, ç, enough toenable us to do what he commands.. We ask many things of God, God commands many things at our hands ; when we ask, God is mighty to help us towhat we ask ; and if what we ask be what he commandsus , he will furely help us to do what we ask, even whatfoever he commands us to do ; he arengthens his people with might by his Spirit in the inner man,( Eph. 3. r6. ) Panl could fay, ( Phil. 4. 18.) I can da all things,. through Chrifi flrengtheningme ; Chriftbath flrength to doall things, and Chrift canmakeme thong (faith the Apofile) to do all things; Chrift bath flrength to do all things that he hath amind todo, andhe is thong to threngthenus in and for the doing of all things, that are according to his mind. Fourthly , If God be thus mighty to do all things, if he bath all flrength, both commanding and executing lrength, then as he can give us flrength to do all things that hecalls us todo, fo he hath firength enough to reward ns for all we do for him; this is comfortable. Sometimes we work and labour for men, who are not able, they have little power, or if power enough , yet no will at all to reward us for ir. But as the Lord is not unrighteous, to forget our labour, ( Heb. 6. to. -) fo he is not unable, that is, he is infinitely able to reward us. We find the firength of God fpo- ken of to this, poynt, ( Ter. 32. 18, Ti,. ) ThouAtwell loving kndnefs unto thoufands, &c. The great, the mighty God, the Lord of Hefts is his Name ; Great in counfel, and mighty in working, for thine eyes are open Nov ad the wayes of thefans ofmen, to give every one according to his, wayes, and according to thefruit ofhis doings. When the Prophet hadafferted, God is mighty in working, he brings it down to this, he is mighty in rewarding us for all our works. Do not think ( what labour foever you have taken for the Lord) that you (hall want a reward, for the Lord bath rreafure and flore, firength and power enough, to give you a fufficient re- compence for all your labours. Fifthly, This truth is matter ofcomfort and encouragement in doing good, not only as 'cis a fervice to God,but as it is akind- nefs to men, efpecially to the poor, and more efpecially to Gods poor. Themightinefs of God fhould move us to be charitable, yea, liberali and bountiful) in our charity. The Apofile ufeth this Argument, (2 (or. 9. 8. ) for having faid, God loveth achearfnll giver, he prefently adds , God is able to make allgrace abound towards