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ChaR. 36. an E.rpofstionupon theBookof Verf. q. 167 towards you , that ye alwayes having allfuficiency in all things, may abound in every goad work,. As if he had faid, Be not a- fraid to give, nor fparing in giving, for God (to whom you lend, when you give to the poor) is a good debter, a fufficient pay- rnafier, and he will pay you, not only in your own, but in better coyne, than you lent : he will pay you in fpiritualls for your tem- poralls, in grace for your geld, and that abundantly, both in the grace of his favour fhining upon you, as an in the Graces of his Spirit working in you ; yea, ye (hall have, not onlyan All-fuffici- ency in fpiritual things, but inall thìngs,whichmuff needs include temporal things ; even yourGold and Silver will mut iply asSeed,. by fowingand fcattering it abroad(as he alludes in the 9th verfe) fo that ye fhall(through this ability of God) be enabled to abound in every good work, that is, every good work of Grace, in gene- ral ; and if you are called to that fpecial good work of Charity again and again, you fall be able toabound in every one of them. Some are doubtful, if they fhould give freely and liberally, they fhould lofe by ir, and be firaitned themfelves : No, faith the Apofile, I avouch and engage the Almightinefs ofGod for it, if yoube cheerful givers, God will thewhis All-fuffciency in giv- ingyou an All-fufñciency in all chinas. Here are three or four r411s, promifed to thofe, who give but fonowhat in a due manner. Here is, Firl}, all grace ; Secondly, Allfufreiency ; Thirdly, in all things ; , and Fourthly, alwayes and all thefe grounded up- on the mightinefs of God : God is able. Sixthly, God ismighty : Then hecan protea us from, fupport us under, or deliver us out ofall chofe dangers, which we incurre "for hisNames fake, ( Dan, 3. r 7.) Secondly, Hence we may inferre matter of terrour to the wick- ed world, the fansof Belial, the mightìefl enemies of God.What is the might offinful man, to the mightinefsof God I The wean nefs ofGod isflronger than man ; what then is his mightinefs 1 We read (Rev. 6. a s.) how, the (Heathen) K;ngs of the earth, and thegreat men, and the rich men, and the chief Captains, and ( which may be the recapitulationof all chefe) the mighty men, hid themfelves in Dens, and (aid to the L2Wounta:ns fall on us, and hide usfrom the face ofhio; that fettethup;: the 7krone, and from the wrath of theLamb. The Apoflle checks the madnefs of the Corinthians in finning, by an in.imaticzoof the mightinefs of God, egainf