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1 t 68 Verf. s. an Expofition upon the Booí; of J o B. Chap, 36. again whom they finned ( Cor. 1o. at.) Do we prov,yke the Lord to jedYoufie ? Are we fironger than he ? As if he had laid, What doye mean ? (he fpeaks to thofe that would venture to go to the. Table ofDevils, that is, who cared not how they min- gled themfelves,and held Communion, in the things of God,with thofe who worfhipped Devil-gods, or (as all Idolatersdo)Devils rather than, God ; what mean you ( faith he to thefe) confider your (elves, will you provoke the Lord ? areyen ffronger than he ? are you his match ? are you able tograpie with him ? not fo well as a Child with a mighty Giant, or a Lamb with a Lion. The mightinefs of the Lord, his Almightinefs, (hould make finners tremble and fear toprovoke him; he can crufh them as a Moth, and break them in pieces like a Potters VefCel. As 'tis theJoy of all trueBelievers, that God bath laid helpfor them (as'tis laid, Pfal. 89. 19.) upon one that is mighty, that is, Chrifl, of whom Davidwas but a fhadow ; and as ris the comfort of the Father- lcfs,.(howweak foever) that their Redeemer is mighty (Prov. a 3. I r. ) So it may fill the faces of the wicked and prefamptuons with confufion, and their hearts with defpairing forrow, to hear, that God,who is ready to take vengeance on them, is mighty; Behold, God is mighty ; that's a glorious fight ; and yet behold a fight more glorious, if more glorious may be, And defpifeth not any, What a temperament is here ? God is fomighty thathe feareth none, no, not the mightieLL, yet fo meek, that hedefpifeth not any, no, not the meanefl. Elibuhavingafferted the mightinefsofGad, amplifieth it, Firfl, by his gracious condelcenfson andmoderation in the ufe of his mightinefs ; he is mighty, yet he doth not exer- cife his might ina proud vaunting or contemning way, he defpifeth not any ; that's the firftthing, in which he amplifies the excellen- cyof God in his mightinefs. Secondly, As God is thus mighty, and moderate in thé exercife of his might, not ilefpiftng any ; fo behold another excellency of this might of God, He is mighty,not only in flrength of Arm and Authority, but (as the !aft words ¡if the verle let him forth ) In ffrength and wifdome; Or, he is as wifeas he is firong. Some men have a great deal of