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17 Chap. 36. anFxpftiongponthe Boolr,af J o B. Verf,g,. flaringmade -all nier, he doth'not throw them up to the wide world ,much lefs trample . upon them hitnfelf but owns them; prefe veth them, warcheth over them all. And as for his fpecial people, he tends them as a Nude her infant, or as a Father ten- ders his children ; he counsels them, he guides them, hedireas and leads them, he ?uprorts and comforts them, he car: ies their 9ìaur Deus through this world, as it were inhis own armer, as the Eagle car- ;,:,Z. tres her young ones upon her wings,, The Lord is a confuming e,c .,, cponiaa fire to burn up the wicked, thole that are unlike him,and like him n'iiirrfájibi not ; but he is a warm Sur, tocherifh, and a fafe-guardingShield,' ,775ilia de- toprolei thole that'fear himandtruft in his Name : He indeed ac rort/ta- r will be as a refining Eire, to fetchout end confittne the dress that '`'t off°t he fees in his people, trying l and as a Fire (by affliòion) to their ,J.íN11lIa COM >(6- strut. Litent. Gra ces ( as cbs cafe was) But when he is fo,and doh fo, he is fo far [loll de;pifing them, that hehonours them, and makes them more honourable. And therefore havingmade Promife of being with his people when they fliould be called to walk through the fire (Ifa. 43. a.) he prefently fubjoyns, (verf. 4,) Site thou waft precious in my fight, thou haft been honaurable. M if he had faid, Since thou haft given a proofthat thou art good Metal, and that thou haft loft and left nothing in the fire of afflidlion, but thy drofs, I both honour theemy fell, and will caufe others. to honour thee alto. Again, Ile defpfetb not any. Elibu in this fers out the honour of God, he puts this as a Crown of Glory upon the head of his Power. god is mighty,yet he defpfetb rot any, Hence More ; T'a be mighty in Power,a, :d meek in Spirt`t, (hews an excellent Clod -like Spirit. As God isgreat, fo good; both are equallyeflenrial r go:,dnefs, gentlenefs,and meeknefs,meet together and are marcht with greatnels and ,mightinefs in God, (Nahum a. 4. ) The Lard ìs great in Power, Andflow to anger ; he is not prefently in a flame with tanners, bat waireth to be gracious, Fury is not in me, ( faith the Lord, Ifa. 27. 4, 5. ) I do not prefently execute my power, becaufe great in power. Who would fee the Bryant and Thorns aQainfl me in batter ? I wosald, go thorow them, and burn s. eua together ;or let him take hold ofmyfirergtb, and make peace with