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Chap. 36. e/fnE.tpoftion upon the Bookof o B. Verf. S. 173 withme, andhe !halt makepeace with me. As if he had raid, If dnners, orone fort or other, whoare tome,or to my people, like Bryars and Thorns,veating and troubling both me and them,(hould take the boldnefs to contendwithme,I could quicklyridmy hands of them, even as loon as fire can confume ßryars and Thorns fully dry ; yet I rather advife them tohumble themfelves,snd humbly malte fuit for peace, and they (liait not find me inexotable,though Iam invincible ; they may have Peace for the asking, though I fear not at al! the iffue of the War. O that the mightymen of the World,wculd alive to imitate this overture of the mightyGod : But oh how unlike are the moll of the mightymenof this World to God! Firrl, Somemighty men of this World rather pride themselves that they can do hurt, than pleafe themselves, that they may do good with their might. (.Pfat. 5 2. t.) why boaJhj thou Omigh- ty man, that thou cant do msfehief ? that thou cant' tread and trample uponothers ? this thy boar{ (hould be thy (name. Migh- ty men are apt to defpire all men (upon the matte,) that are be- low them, that are their underlings ; but why doll thou boar{, O thou mighty man, Peeing (as it followeth in the Pfaim) the geïldne{re of God ( who is mightier than th®u) endured; continu- ally. Secondly, How unlike are they to God, who having might and power in their hand, defpife the mean, and the oppreffed, who come to them for inflict. ! Such are not like God,the Judoof all mer, but like that Judge, whore Chara6ler was ( Luke IS, z.)) Ilefearednot God, nor regardedman ; he defpifed all ; what cared he for them, or their rears, fo he might fervehis own turn, and carryon his own ends ? Woe to the mighty, who de'fpiie the Caufe, much more who defpife the cryesof the opprefiec'. Thirdly, The mighty men of the earth ufually delpile t hole -whomGod honoureth moll. God defpileth notany, but he high- ly elleemethhis own; iwhereasithe mighty men of the World are apt to defpife all, efpecially his, that is, the Generation of the righteous ; they that are neare(l to Godshears, are farthefi from theirs. The affetions and eRimations of the mighty, feldome fall in ::ith, but run crois ro Gods, (Pfat.. ro. 3.) He bier eth the Covetous, whom God abhors ; that is, he hath a high iefleem of thole, whomGod cannot abide ; and he that loth fo, will never abide