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Chap. 36. eif4 E:tpfttiontroon the Bookof 3 o B, Verf. 5. "r 75 courage ; Cecondly, in wifdome and hence we tranflaredit+ini- 1 y , He is mighty inftrergth and wifdome. Here are two poÿ'nts of Gods might according to our reading : He is mighty , Firf'i, in frength ; Secondly, ih wifdome. As before we had that Noble combination of Mightinefs & Meeknefs in God,He is mighty and defpifeth not any ;fo here we have another noble combination, in his might inefs,of Cirength and wifdome ; He is mghty inßrength and in wifdome. Some men are mighty in Cirength, who are weak / in wifdome ; others are mighty in wifdome, but not in f+rength ; both meet and are joyned in God(in whomall things are but one, he being but an inhnite fimplicity, though they are a&ed diverfly towards man, both thefe (I fay ) meet to God) and he equally excels inboth. Yet becaufe, if thefe two be taken difiinaly, we canunder- hand nothing inGod by f+rength, but what was comprehended in mightinefs before fpoken of, therefore I conceive, thefe words, He is mighty-in flrength and wifdome , lignifie no more in this place than this, That God is mighty in the hrength of wifdome, or that he is mighty firong in wifdome. And fo I titan proceed with the Text. This flrength of the wifdome of God,or his firong wit-dome, is of two forts, or confifis in a two-foldwifdome. Firfr, there is his knowing and difcerning wifdome. Secondly, there is his govern- ing and dilpofing wifdome. Firf+, There is a f+rength of wifdome in knowing anddifcern- ing God is mighty firong in this wifdome, in this knowing, this difcerning wifdome, (t Sans. 2. 3. ) The Lord is a God ofknow- ledge, by him actions are weighed ; He knoweth our 36-lions exa&t- ly, and he will weigh them to a grain , he knoweth our aetions to the utmofi. And as he knoweth our aEions , fo our inventions ; he knoweth our infide as well as our outfide, ( Heb. 4. a 3. ) All things are naked and manifefi before him, with whom we have to do; and they are not only naked to the skin, but uxbowell_d, and anatomized to every veineand bone, (Aii, a 5. t R.) Known to . fedare ag his work from the beginningofthe world; h' know- eth all his own works, much more ours. Thus -Go: is f+tong in wiCdore, as wifdome.confi(+s in knowledge and thus firong he is, he knoweth all things; Pith, the leaf+ things, as well as the greatef+; its no burden, no difirglion to God, o take notice of the