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74 Chap. 36. an Expofirian upon the Bock of ,0 B. Verf. ç. abide thole v. horn God highlyefleems,and thole leaf+ ; homGod efleerns moil highly ; away (faith he) with chafe that are fo (ltia in their way, away with them (faith he) that walk in the harrow way. O let luch mighty ones as deCpife thefe, 'confider howun- like they are to the mighty God,who defpifeth nor any,who great- * ly honodrech thefe. Ifichal,°Davids Wife,Sauls Daughter,had a piece ofthis fpirit in her though Davidwas a mighty King, thedefpifed him,only becaufe he was a hely and a zealous King When the law how he danced before the Ark, when Ere law how he was taken with the things of God, (he defpifed him in her heart, and for that was purithed with a barren womb, as long as the lived, (2,Sam. 6.23.) They whoaEt higheil inholinefs,a-e alwayes lowefi in the thoughtsofthe unholy. Fourthly, They that are mighty in Parts and Gifts of fpeech and knowledge, they who are got a Form higher than their Bre- thren, how apt are they todefpife all that are below them ! Nor is this the fin of carnal vainmen only, but of many (for the main) good men allo, who taking too much notice of their own great Abilities, will fcarce take anynotice of diemwho have but,little. This dead Fly hat h corrupted many a Boxof precious Din meat ; this Weed bath been found growing in the rrcheflgrounds ; and the richer any ground is, the more at it is tobring forth this Weed, unlefs the Lord, with diele other Gifts; give alfo- that which is more excellent than all Gifts, even than the Tongue, yea Head of men and Angels, an humble and felf-denying heart. St Paal himfelf was in danger to be lifted up (and certainly had, if God had not givenhim preventing Phyfick) with this di(lem- per, through theabundance t.f Revelations; now, he that is lift- ed up in himfelf, is within a flep of defpifing others. And ,O how unlike are therein this allo to God, who is mighty,not only iinllrength, but in wifdome, yet defpifeth not any, ! And, that God who is mighty anddefpifeth not any, is mighty, not only in flrength, but inwifdome,is El:hu's Affertronallo concerning God, in the dole of this verfe, and comes next to be opened and handled. He is mighty in ffrezgthand wifdome. The Original may be thus rendred ; He is mighty, the freogth of heart : Now, the l}rength of the heart eonffls;hr(l, in courage ;