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178 Chap ;6'. 4nExpofìtion rspon theBockof J o'za. Vert'. 5, nicable, are incommunicable. The inhnitenefs, the omn fcience, the unchangablenefs,the firnplicity.of God are incomiu- niable, but the holinefs, the ju(Iice, the mercy and wvi :dame, of God, ire communicable ; that is, God doth communicate unto man his holinefs, his juflice and wifdome. Why then is it faid, That God is only wife, feeìng God bath endowedmany wish a fpi» rk of wifdome, or hash made manywife men in the world ? I anfwer, Fìrft, God is faid to be onlywife, becaufe there is none fo wife as he ; his wifdome is fo much beyond the wifdome of all men, that no man may be called wife but God. Thus alfo God is called theonlyPotentate,( Tim. 6. 15.) be- caufe though there are many Potentates in the'tvor.ld, yet Gods potency is beyond themall. His life alto is fuch, that, at the 16th verfè of the fameChapter it is Paid, He only bath immortality, yet both the Angels and the fouls ofmen are immortal;but God hash immortality in a way of fuch eminency; that the very Angels and fouls of men are mortal in compari(on of him. `.David faid of his life, ( Tfal. 39. ç. ) My age is notbmg to thee ; I fcarce live at all, when I confider the life of God ; fo the wifeti man in the world may fay ofhis wifdome, mywifdome is nothing unto thee, 1have no.wifdome when I confider how wife God is. Secondly, Cod is faid to be only wife, becaufe there are none originally wife but he; his wifdome is of himfelf,yea hiswifdòme is himfelf; the wifdome of God is nova feparable quality from him, as thewifdome of a man is. Many are men, but not wife men ; but iris impotíìble for God to be God, and not to be wife ; his ; face is effential to him. The wifdome of Man is like gild- ing upon an earthen :effel;but the wifdome.ofGod is like agol- denveffel. Thewifefi men are gilded over with wifdome, they are adorned and beautified with ir, but noman, how wife foever is wifdome, only God is. God is (if I may fo (peak ) an immenfe and imtneafurable veffel of gold, he is all gold,you cannot diflinm guifh thegold from theveffel,'cis gold quite through, he is maf- fe gold, wifdome. The wifdome of man is another thing from himfelf. The wifdome of God is himfelf ; and thus God alone is wife. Tbitd'ly , God is only wife, becaufe all wifdome is from him ; as he bath his wifdome from himfelf, foall others have wifdome from him ; all thewifdome of men and Angels, is buta ray from his;