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Chap. 36. e/fnExpofition upon the Bock of J o s. Verf. s. 179 his light, but a fiream,yea ,but adrop from hi; Ocean. Bez,aliel's Artificial wifdome was from the Lord,Solomons political wurdome was from the Lord ; Solomon asked wiCdome (torn the Lord co go- verne.,And not only is the wifdomeofPrinces,Siatelmen' and Po. liticiansybut the very Plowman; wifdome is from the Lord, (Ifa. 23. 26.) where the Prophet having (hewed how ch.: Plowman tills the ground, how he harrows and calls in the feed , how he threlliech and getsout the graine he addech (v. 29.) 7hi comerfrom the Lord, who is wonderful' in counfel, and excellent in w, The Plowman knoweth not how to till his ground, to low hisfeed, to harrow his land, to threfhhis corne, it the Lord did not give him wifdome for it.Thus common wil'dotne as well as political and ff.irituai wifdome is of God, as Daniel confe{fed when the fecret was revealed to him, ( Dan: 2.2r.) He giveth wifdame unto the wife,and knowledge to themthat know t ndcrfland- ing. Seeing then all wifdome is fromGod, we mutt confeffe, He is only wife. Fourthly, TheLord may be faid tobe only wife , becaufe he isvi6korioufly wife, his wiCdome is a conquering wifdome, he conquers by his wifdome as well as by his power ; his wifdome overthrows the wife men of the world, ( Prov. 2 r. 3o,) `There is no wifdome, nor underflanding, nor counfelagain the Lord. Many men will be taking and giving counfel againfi the Lord, but it (hall not nand ( Ifa. 8.9. ;) He is only wife, who deflroyeth the wifdome of the wife, (z Cor. t. Z9...r Cor. 3. 197 zo. ) Thus the Lord is mighty in f#rengthof Wifdome, in knowing and difpo- fing wifdome,difcernin; all things mof{ clearly, and ordering all things mol} wifely, according to the pleafureof his holy and righ- teous will : and he is fo wife in all thefe things, that he ought to be acknowledgedand reverenced, as the only wife God, or as God only wife. Hence take there Inferences, Frrhf , If the Lordbe mighty inarengeh of wifdbrne aswel l as in f}rengthof power, thenfear to do any thing amifs before him ; he will fpyout every fault ; and themore y ou cover the faults, cracks and Hawes inwhat you do,the more the Lord lets himfelf to find them out ; you cannot hide what you dofrom him, there fore take heed what you do. Secondly , Is God mighty in l'i -ength of wifdpme ? then do not find fault with any thing he dark, fir he can do nothixg am fr. A a 2 The