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Chap, 36. an Exporition tern the Ertekofjo B. Verf. 5, it to pale, (Prcv. a 6. 3.) Commit thy works unto the Lard, aad thy thoughts (hall be eftabliflied ; that is, thy thought:: about thy woks and u;uaflycur thoughts are more unfetled than cur milts. When we have left á matter in the hand of a wife tran,how con- fident are we, and how compared are Our thoughts,as to the well - iffuing of it ! how much more may we be confident, and compo- fed, whenwe have believingly left ourmatters in the hand of the onlyWife God ! Sixthly, If the Lord be fo mighty in WiCdome, that he only is Wife , thenbeware of trufling to your own wifdom, or of being wife inyour owneyes. That's the counfel of Solomon the wife, (Troy. 3. 5.) Leannot to thy own under/landing. We are apt to lean too much to the underflandingof others; if we have fuch a wife man to counfel us, we think all's fafe, we are Cock,-fore (as we fay) the work cannot mifcarry. Tis dangerous to lean to the underflanding of others, but muchmore to lean to our own, Re- member God is only Wife, and we never Phew our felves more fools, thanwhen we lean toour own wifdome, or think to carry it by our own wit, and fo depart from the wifdome of God. Therefore be fools, benothing in your own wifdom,and you fluff be wife with the wifdome of God. Thus I have profecuted the Text according to our Tranflati- on. There is yet another reading as toboth the parts of this 5th verfe, which I (hail touch a little, beeaufe they are much infatled upon by Learned Interpreters. The former part of this verfe, whichwe render Behold God is Ee,e% us F° nnighty, and defplfeth not any, is thus rendred, Behold God is migb- 771/11;1.1. Poj =n ty, and defpifeth not the mighty. Thevúlgar Latine, thus,Goddoth ties, robL:re c r not call array the nighty, feetng be him(elf alf is Flighty. The dis. Scull. fcope of this Tranflation, is thus conceived. 3-ob in the 29th Dcu po:entcs Chapter of this Book, having fet forth his own mightinefie or '"';,*.`i','"21 gre'atnefs,complained in the 3oth,thar notwirhflanding all his for- te'n'ts. 'Lïn° mer power and might, yet God had call him do:vn, and laid him Vt her èäiz. in the dull. HereEliha tells him, though God be mighty, yet catioveryc he cloth not defpife the mighty ; he dothnot rejeCI any man how ï`3ev4 s ton high foever, beeaufe he is high, nor the great, how great Coever,, l nu, beeaufe great, God himfelf is great and mighty,and they that are r eñ2 ;ré like, (ufoally)rejayce in tbofe tbat are like them.. Therefore God i erti pope!: b.:ing. 36t