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18o Ver1, 5. 4n Expn(itionupon the Book of J o E. Chap 3.6. The wo:ks of providence, whether they regard perfons or Nati- ons, are done with as much exaetnefs as the works of Creation were. In what_beauty and order was the fabrick of this world fet upat firfl in fix dayes!1c is called C'of sos in Greek,from the beau- tiful order vifiblequite through it; and certainly, the works of providence are as orderly and perfect as the work of Creation, and fo will appear at tail , though nowwe fee 'fo many appearing confufions, diiliurbances, and toliings up and down : The Lord keeps order, how diforderly foever men are, The Lord cloth all things in number,weight and meafure.There is not one,the !call, flip, erroror miftake inwhat bimfelf doth, nor in what he fuffers men to do as tohis on ends, how many errors and miflakes,foe- a;er there are in the wayes of men,or in the means which they ufe. Then take heed of picking holes in:Gods work, much more of picking quarrels with hiswork. Weare apt to find fault ( where there is none) with what God Both, but how flow are we, to find . faults (where there are many) in our own doings ! Thirdly, Is the Lord.mighty in tlrength of wifdonne ä then never be troubled, thoughyou have mightywife men againfl you ; be not afraid, only labour to affure the mighty wife God for you. Ifyou can but airure God, who is mighty in wifdome for you, you need nit be troubled, though mighty wife men are againff you , though iflchitophelf,tkocrghh illatcheveir, though the Conclaveof Babylon be againli you :. if thewifdome of God be with us and for us, we are well enough, and .(Ball: dowel! enough , notwichfland- inn the wifdome of the world againfl us. Fourthly, If Godbemighty in tirength of wifdome , then, when we want wifdome, and know not what to do, or how to fuf- fer, let us go to God ; if we want wifdome to mannage a profpe- rous e(iate, or to bear an affi&ed efface, let us go to God. The Apofilegives this direction (fa;nei t. 5. )Ifany man lack,wif_ dome, (he fpeaks'of a man in a troublous condition, in a time of temptation.) let him asicof God, rhogiteth to all m.n 1,'beraly, adupbraideth not. God hach wifdome enough for us, and can make us wife enough ; apply to him, and you may be fupplyed for all occafions. Fifthly, If God be mighty in flrength of wifdome, thencon&- dently call your care on him, put your all into his hand, (Pfal. 37 5.) Cemszt thy way to thekord,traf a in bim,and he fhaN brixg t!