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Chap. 36. e /l nExpo fitien upon the Boobf J o B. V f. 6. ' y fohe fearech no mansgreatneis, and therefore Both that which is jufl and equal to all forts of then, bad and good, as is further (hewed in the next verfe. Vert 6. Ile preferveth not the l;fe of the wicked, hit gig, -, eth right to thepoor. Asif p'lihts had Paid, Though the Lord cloth not defprfeany that aregreat, yet he Bath not refpett any that are bad ; he preferveth not the lifeof the wicked. And as the Lord will not do any prong is the rich, fo,to befare, he willgive right to the poor, What Elthte had afpimed of God, he now proveth by in!tances or particulars, and that both in refpeel of the wicked and the godly. That the Lord is mofi jsltl and righteous he proverb thus, Ike prefervethnot the life of the wicked. Tar's the firfl infiance, and he expreffeth it negatively, Ile preferveth not tht liftofthe wicked, he nuked: not, or foffereth not the wicked to live. The Hebrew flriHly is, He doch not enliven the wicked : So the word isofd concerning the Midwives that feared God, ( z, r 7.) They did not obey the word of the King, but faved the t9vtale Children alive, o-, they enlivened the Male children. They whopreferve, do, upon the matter, givea new life. The like Expreflìbn we have (Exod. IS. a z. ) Thou(halt notfa . fer a Witch tolive: The Hebrew is, thou filial nor vivifie or enli- ven a Witch.. They who have commerce with the Devil, the 'Prince ofthe e/ir, they who Tradewith Hell,to fatisfie the lufia and curiofities of evill men on earth, are not worthy to breath in the Air, or liveupon the face of the Earth. Ile preferveth not the life ofthe wicked. There are two things in this negative speech ofEliha. Firfl, God doth not fhew anyfavour to, nor indulge wicket men in their evil wages. He that will not fo much as prefèrve their.lives, cloth not give them favour while they live, Life and favour are two diftinet th ings, ( Job ro, r a. ) Thou, haft giant- ed me life andfavour. Favour with Life is the priti-iledge of the Living : _; favour iti better than life. The Lord doth but feldonle reprieve, much ! rfs Both he at any time favour or pardon impeni- tentlywicked men. Secondly, When Litho faith, be preferveth not the life ofthe B b a snicked, iS'íir K11 Noi iiiiJiat..