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128 Chap. 36. an Exp f ttom*post the Bock 4 J o ta. Verf.6. Noe t'tvytor w ckod, we arc tounderfiand it by an ordinary Figure, whereitd iarin4, pro lets is expreffed, than is to beunderflood; Hr prefervetb Mot, interf&ir' `a that is, fiat, he isnot folicitous about their prefervattott, hecares o'ani vitafix). not much what becomes of them and not only fo, but Secondl liot, en, ; Y , Y, hedefiroyeth the life of the wicked ; the Lord will certainlyru- ine and utterly undo-, them,one time or other,one wayor other ; he will do it either immediately, by his own Arate,by forne nota-, tile (Broke of vengeance from himfelf a or he will do it bymeans, he will findout, and impower inflruments, that £halt deflroy the very life of the wicked. And I conceive Dikebrings in thisPro- poftion concerningGod, in=River towhat job had ebferved and complainingly alleadged about the Profperrcy of the wicked, (Cbsp. %I. 7,) whereforeloth the w eked lave,becosse old,yaa Ara mighty ix power ? As UP/ had intimated, that the Lord furely did (hew, not only fome, but much refpe& unto wicked men; theydid not only live, but they lived a longtime, and not only a long rime a bare life, but were mighty in povrer,and over-power- ed, yea, oppreffed many with their might. £! bi replyeth here, notwithflanding this Allegation ( which feemed to refe&upon the Jufticeof God) that the Lori prefervetbnot the Life ofthe wickri. Mark, firfl,he Beth not fay, beprofervethsot the Life ofa mot fiatfimtetb, for then whole life should be preferved ? bur, Vtrl heprefervetbnet thelife ofthewieked ; that is, of a manwhofin- Bethprefumptuoufly, andgoeth on impenitently, who is incorri- gible. Secondly, he doth not fay, God fuffereth net a wicked manto live, forthen (aloft men being wicked in all Ages of the world) the world would bevery thha,and'almofI naked, ofInha- bitents ° But beprefervetb cot ( faith he) the lifeof thewicked ; that is, he fits no Dore by them, as we de of chofe things, which wecarefullypreferve. We may compare this verfe with that of Sob (Chap. 34. i6, 37, s8.) where 'tis faid ofmighty oppref- fors, the Lord dhaketb thewat'risked me* (that is, as he ufeth to rikewicked men) iMtheope* faght (lechers ; beemofi they tam. Mack(rutshim, acwoullnet nxfiêer ramp Ilia: way.: ; So that tyasafetbe cryoftbtpoor to come sep tohim, awl bebearetb the crepetheof iQfed. Now, as there Elibu (peaksaffirmatively, be #riketb clickedsous, fe here be fpeaks negatively (which 3s the fame ineffea) God lothmot preferve the life of thewiskei ; and as there he (aid, gatbeAretb thetry oftheaßtiáei? erpeer, fo here, Le