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Chap, 36. 0/0 Enofttira Apo theNAP,. J ® ste Verf. 6. a gg begiveth ridbt to thepeer. ThefeTexts areofthe fame fence,and expound eachother. prom the former part of this fixthverte alreadyopened, bepreferverb net the ofthewicked,. Obferve, Fitti; 'risked nser amenof GelsProteetioil,they eaa seep inofavour from him ; Theyarc out-laved, Some perfons are out-laved by men, and then if anyman injure them, or kill them, they can have no remedyby the Law ; they have their amends(aswe fay) in their own hands, the Lawgives them none. Wicked men are out of Gods love, and therefore out of his care ; he turns themup (aa we fay) to the wide World to fhifc for themfelves : whether they finkor fwim, `cis allone to him. He is neither Sunnor Shield to the wicked, he is both to the godly, (Pfal. 84. t a. ) Ths Loriisa San and a Shield, the Lard wilt giveGrace and glory ; no Lood think will he with-bold from them there walk uprightly. Au Sun he giveth out thewarm Beams of his favour, to refreth and revive them, when the World leaves them cold and cam- fortlefs : And as a Shield he defends and laves them, when the World ftrikes at them and vexes them ; he will keep them fate from evil,as with a Shield. Thewicked have co tare in this, eerieany fuch-like promife ; theLord is rather Fire and Sword, thanSun or Shield ro them ; he neither comforts them while they live, nor preferves their lives from death. But fome may fay, Deth not God preferve the lives of the wicked ? Is itnot Paid (3eb 7. 2e.) Rs the preferver ofwen r Which indefinite feems tocarry it for all men : And (Pfad. 36. 6.) Thou prefervefi mass andheft. Yea, wicked teen not only live, but profper and flourith in the World, as fob complained, ( Chap. s t.'.) wherefore ¡latheLiked live, becomeold, yea, are mighty to power r Surely then theyare preferved, and if God: do not preferve them, whodotli ? Manbath 'no morepower topre- ferve" his own life, than togivehimfelf life ; bow is it then chat the Text faith, God Both not preferve them r or that they are out of Gods Preteetion? I anfwer, Firfl, It cannot be delayed, but that the wicked bold their lives, and all the 'cod things theyhave ( peaty they bite manygood things) of l qd. Bat the wicked,andtheirlives,, or