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1 ä Chap. 3 S> an,Expofrtron -upon tke Beek.f j o s. Verf. 3, IfI be cleanfedfrommy fin ? Elrhts chargeth lob with this; yet íái11 remember, he referrsnot to his eternal, but temporal condition. And this was Afaphs or Davids temptation alto, as to his tem- poral condition ; even he, the one or the other, Davidor 4f0 ipake as much in exprefs terms, as 3.ob is here charged with, '-1'r1.7, 13.) where complaining of the great trysts and trubles he had been under, and of the profperity of the wicked ; Behold ( faith he ) theft are the ungodly, whoprofper in the world, they increafe in riches, But how rti it with me ? Verily I have cle enfed my heart in vaine, and wa(1,edmy -hands iss innocency ; for all the day long have I been plagued , andchafined every moment,. As if he had faid , What have I got bymy holinefs, and forfiking of fln ?what have I gained by my flri6el walkings,andablainings from the very appearance of evil ? Have I not reafon to conclude, ingood earneff, that I havecleanfed my heart and hands in vain, feting my futferings are not lefsned,,houghmy finsare, fetingmy punishments are renewed every morning,though I am every mor nh g upon the renewalof my repencance?Thus fpake the PfalmifF in the day of his temptation;and doubtlefs, thisday of his Temp- tion had beena day of temptation andprovocation to the Lord, like that of Ifraels in the Wildernefs, Pfal. gs. ) had not the Lord come in by his grace,and helpedhim to bite in his words ar the very next verfe ; If Ifay,'" willfpeak,thssekf r fife Iuch,not onlyuncomely,bucwicked language as thrs,Thave clean fed myheart andhands invaine) Behold, Ifhoudd offendagainfi the- generationof thy children. And when r thought toknow this,it war- too wonderfulfor me ;/that is, it was beyond my skill to reconcile thefe works,thefe providences of God towardsme, with his word and promifes ; nor was I any whir lets at a lofs,. how to reconcile the profperityand flourifhing condition of wicked men,wìththee terrible threatnings which the Lord in his Word every where thunders out again) them. Thefe dot's and intricate difpenfati- ons puzzel'd me greatly,putmy foul inro"a maze;nor could I fpel theirmeaning, nor make out the fenfeof them , Z:}ntili ¡went into theSanlluary ofGod, then underfloadI their end ; thewofulCata- firophe, the miferable end of wicked meil,their flippery Banding, and their fuddenfalling, as both ate defcribed ( 'v, tg, i9, zo.) Then alto I underlöod'the bleffednefs of a godly plans elate, both nowand for evere,in bayingGod his guide and his portion t v, 24,,