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Chap. 35. e/InE.rpofrtion upon the Bos&of Jo B. Vert. 4. 23 . able to make good their Arguments, or convince J.ob ; they had condemned Job, but not anlwered him, they did their bufinefie imperfeelly, and to halves, or impertinently, and to no purpofe fo that all theiranfwerings were called no aufxier, Chap. 32. 3;.. And therefore E!ihu might fee reafon to undertake the farisfa- ¿'ion, not only oflob, but of his three friends, who had not given J'ob a fatisfaEtory anfwer unto that hour. Others take the word Companions in a more large fence, for all that were of his Opinion. Asif Eltho had faid, I challenge all the world, whofoever accompanies thee,or takes thy part in jufli- Eying fuch fayings or affertions, as I have heard from thee, I will anfwer themall, how many foever they be ; I will undertake thee, and all thy Party, Thee, and thy Companions with thee. Hence Note, Hewho bath truthon his fad-,,,needs-.not fear the oppofLion ofma- ny, nonor the oppofition ofall men. To oppofe two is a very great diCadvantage ; but if a man have the truth on his fide, he may oppofe all, though he be alone t- He may be an Antipas (Revel. z. r 3. ) a man againft all men, as that name of Chrifls faithful Martyr, there mentioned, doch import. If there he a thoufand of them, he may undertake them all, for in anfwering one, he anfwers all. Elijah faid of himfelf (a Kings r8. 22, ) I, even1 only,remain a Prophet oftheLord ; yet he hood up againfl alI the Idolatrous Prophets of Baal, who were no fewer thanfour hundred and fifty men: That we have many with us, is li-tle advantage, and leffe honour many a time. 1 long traino' Followers will do us no good, if our Caufe be bad. Truth isIirong and will prevail ; 'cis vain to fight agaìnfc ir, thoughour partakers are many. The ancient Fathers obferved, how fome were wont to cry up thole that had the multitude on their fide, and to boafl that molt were of theirOpinion.. It was the faying ofa Worthy in chofe times, By my being alone, the word Nonmeafolit of croak, and thetruth ofthe word, is not at all dirmntfined. One dine miruitur, man and the truth are ftrong enough to o p ofe a multitude in er- ror, v`rbrtrt veritlla pp sir. Dictum t and a multitude of errors. The more any men,and the more tiberiiail Con- men appear in oppofing truth, themore is God engaged in faith- Jiantiutn4wi- fulnefs to appear for it. When one boat+ed toSt Nicrome that he ottum. Theod. had a multitudeof Followers in his Opinion; he anfwered, That Pcel, e, ór,. the