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24 Chap. 3 y. «/!n Exrlitionupon the ido%k, of J o B. \erf. S. lsl:atitudo f,: thenumber of his Companions did not prove bins a Catholic(, bat tic. um tono- Heretic.k, Ca- But tow did Elibu arf+ver job and his Companions ? The next tbo1 cum,fed Hareticun vetfe tells us how. mnrflrn. 1 Micron. 1. 3. Verf. g. Looh,unto the Heavens, and fee, behold the Classls advert. Hag. which are higher than thou. t7]ß ttfpesit As if he had faid, Lookto the Heavens, and they'l "firer thee ; deiquandoab behold ti,. ( loud:, nd they will confute thee: Thy very fenfes may °cults ad in- convince thee, that thou haft fpoken theft things againft Reafon. And rellertum trans- the Heavens will tell thee, that thy miftake in414 matter is Hea- ferrur, wide. If those tarn thyeyes upward,arad confiderefi that difanee T toerclo erras. which is between God, who hob "Heaven for the Habitation ofbin Hol.neff e, and of his Glory, and thee, who dwelled in thy houfe of Clay here on Earth, thou mayefi fee that thy fins cannot hart him, nor thygoodneff è extend to him, The diftance between Heaven and man is very great ; but the dillance between God and man is far greater ; the one is immenfurabler but the other isunima- ginable, unconceiveable. Therefore if the Heavens be fo high, that thou canft not annoy themwith thine Arrows, much leffe art thou able toannoy God, who is higher, and infinitely more out of Bow-flot and Gun-film than the Heavens : That's the fcope of his Argumentation here, to prove that job couldnot, or that no man can hurt God by his fin. Look to the Heavens, andfee. Both words are applyed to the fente or fight of the eye, yet they have a reference alfo to an intelleaual fighr,to the eye of the mind : Look, andfee ; that is, Take fpecial notice of, and con- template the Heavens. Wemay look, and not fee ; that is, look and nor confider, look andnot obferve : To look and fee, is to give earnea attention to the thing looked upon ; look curioufly, c. itically, how high the Heavens are, Lookand fee. 112`1 f We may apply the 6rft word Look(as fome do) ro the truth of cat suriofe in- the thing, look how high the Heavensare ; it may be Peen by the fßicere, inrae- eye, that they are very high, thoughWe cannot fee how high they ti vifr, con- are. The latter word Ste , may -referre to the admirable templarerien contrivanceand contextureof the thing feer,as the. former to the tc. Aqua:. truthand tea ry of it : Look and fee how wonderful, how full of wonders