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28 Verf. 5, an Expofiiion upon the Book of' J o s; Chap. 3 S' pieture of a.tman,yet not confiderthe Art of the workman in draw- ing it;he mayfee it is the picture of a man,not of a beaíi,ar a look, . but he mull fee ir ex:&ly,if he would find out the worth and .work- manshipof it.A, man in pail-age ( as fotne fpeak ) may lee a houle, . yet nr.t apprehend the Symmetry of the, Plat-form, the skill of tSe A ch ite61, no: Thecomrnodìoufnefe of its Scituatiotr; to dif- cern'there calls for,. ferious consideration; and fetted reviews. As in the Natural works of God, the Heavens made for man, fo much more in his'Spiritual.wo :ks, the making of a Heaven in man, or man Heavenly,, requireour deepen thoughts, and moll 'fludious re- fearches. O how many are there who look tranfientlyupon, thofe works of God, who neverfee norbehold them, never enter into the fecrers of - them many know come Truths, yet. never looked into any, nor laboured to comprehendwith all Saints (or as all Saintsought todo) what is the breadth, and length, and depth,.. and to:ght-of them ; and therefore attainnot to that rights ofthe fill affstrance ofunderflanding, to theacknowledgement of the::-my- fkery.ofClod," and of the Father, and of Chrift , as the Apoflle (peaks (Col. 2. 2,.) butare of children toffed to andfro, and car- ryed "about with every wind ofDoîfrire , as the fame Apoflle de- fcribes them,Ejh. 4. t4. Remember, we are to look and fee,anda behold the Natural works of God, how much more theSpiritual Myfleries of theGofpel, and the works ofgrace ? thefe indeed are to be looked upon, and feen, andbeheld , thofe other are not xb `be left unlooked upon. Note, Thirdly, theHeavens are a Divine:Gla,ffe, whereinwe may fee muchof God ; theyare a NaturalAlphabet, the Letters whereof be- ing wellplaced,and.rightly put together, we may fpell thename. of6ó4, bù wifeleme,Power, and.Goodnrffe. Thus theApoflle argues (Rom:1.19, so.) Thatw,hfchmaybe mown of God is man:felt in them , or to them ; that is, to the ve- ryHeathens. His proof for this, is taken from the poyntnowpro- pofed : For the ¡nvi¡óle things .of him from the Creation of the worldare cltery feex, beingwnderflood$y the things that aremade , even his eternal Power and God-bead. The Aponte layes it down in general,Whatfoeveris made, , whatfoever is part of the Creation', holdsout tomewhat of God;:Thevery- Clods of the Earth.