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54 Chap. 3 5. erfn Expofitiou upon the Book of J o_ s. Verf. 9 JOB, Chap. 35. Verf. 9, to, II, I2, t3. 9. By reafon of the multitude of opprefJons they make the opprejJ d to cry : they cry out by reafonof the arme of the mighty.. to. But nonefaith, Where is God my matter, who givethSongs in the night ? t z. Who teicheth us more thanthe heafis of the earth, and rnaketh ass wifer than the fowles of bea- ten. 12, There they cry ( but none giveth anfwer) be- caufe of the pride of evill men. 13. surely God will not bear vanity, neither will the Almighty regard it. Have difpatched the firfi of thole great Objecttíons whichEli- I bee made afrefh againff Job in this Chapter, his fpeaking undu- ly of Cod. This contest contains a fecond , with the anfwer to it. The Conne5tion is givenby fome thus; Whereas Elihu told ob at the 8thverfe, That his wickednef: might hurt a man like himfelf ; Hehere proves, that the wickednefs ofman is very hurt- full tomen, fohurtful!, that byreafon of the multitude ofopprefons sheymake the opprefed to cry: They cry out by reafon ofthe arme ofthe mighty. Yet I (hall not profecute the words in that depen- danee, but as they are matter of a fecond complaint or charge brought by,Elihu again!} Job. The charge is laid down in the 9th verfe , and his anfwer isprofecuted in the z oth, z z th, tzth, and z 3thverfes. Verf. 9. By reafon of the multitude of opprefont they make the oppreffed to cry. This offended fob; the poor cryed, and they had no helper, no deliverer. Wemay conceive,that Elrbu gathered up this com- plaint from the words offob, (Chap. 24. 12. ) Otengroanfrom out ofthe City, and thefoulofthe wounded cryeth outset godlayetb notfolly to them : As if he had laid, The Lord lightly paffeth by,