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Chag. 35. p,ln Expofitiosr upon the Bookof j O s. Verf. g. I by, and takeslittlenoticeof the greatefi afflictions, the oppreflï- ons of the poor, though righteous men. Elihu grants thefe general truths ;. Fir(+, that many are op- preffed . Secondly, that many cry out in their oppreflions;. Thirdly, that many remain undeliveeed from, and unrelieved in their opprefllions. God fometimes feemeth not to regard the . groans and cryes of the afTh ed, nor cloth he alwayss prefently take vengeance of opprefhors according to their folly.Elibu grants all this, he grants that manypoor men are fo mightily oppreffed by the mighty, that they are forced to cry mightily ; yet he ftrongly acquits God from any fuch imputation, as thofe wordsof 7ò6 feem to admit orinfinuate. And in the profecutionof his an- fiver (as will appear in opening the aoth and i tchverfes) he flieweth, that the reafon why the oppreffed are not delivered, or anfwercd when theycry, is in themfelvee,and not in God,(and he would have fob confider, whether he were not of that number )' they cry( faith Elihu) but they do not cry with fuch a frame of heart, with fuch a difpofition of fpirir, as they ought they cry . as men p:effed rather with the weight of their own fufferings,, than toucht with any fenfe of their fins,or reverence of the fovc- raignty ofGod, giving them up to the power of oppreffors; or as having any faith in him for their deliverance,, or quiet fubmiflion tohim, who is ready to help all chofe who religioufly fly ro him.: for refuge, and is able to bring them out of their darkefic and mote deplorable condition. Thefe maybe fail either not topray at all, or theypray not with fuch holy aims and defigns, with fuch inte- grity and uprightnefs of hears, as becomech the people of God They pray under the power of impatience, or moved with envy. at the power of their adverfaries, or with a defire of utmofi re- venge,'which nothing flops them from, but their own want of power, or becaufe they cannot ; and therefore God takes nono- tice of their prayers,(v. 12, 13.) There they cry, but nonegi'vetb asnfiver-; Surely God will not hear vanity,neither will the Almighty regard it. Thai's the fumme and fcope of the Context. I fhall now open the words in order. Verf. g. By reafon of the multitude ofopprefans, they make the eppreffed to cry. Here are opprcilionsond a multitude ofoppreflìons. The word fignifieth