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o 4 Chap._35. An Ekpoftión upon theBoakof Jo Vert. 5; tinefs of Authority : And thus the Magiarate is a mighty man ; fuppofe he be weak in body, yet he is mighty inpower, and can do great things. Fourthly, there is a mightmefsof wealth and riches a Thus Boaz is called amighty-max of wealth, (Ruth a.. ) Richeshave fo much might in them, that in the Hebrew one word ferves to lignifie both might and riches. We may under- Rand the mighty man here inany or all thefe four fenfes. Theo?: preffed cry eta by reafon of the arme ofthemighty. They whohave much bodily arengtb, often oppr%is the weaker, and fodo the mighty in Armes, and fo do the mighty in Authority, and fo the mighty in riches have often done, making the poor and the op- preffed cry ; They cry out by reafon ofthe arme ofthe mighty, From the former part of the verle Obferve.. Opprefon is a common fn,. Not only was Babylon Gained with ir, but ferufalernn. That'§ an amazing paffage (f er. 6. 6.) Thus bath the Lord of bolls laid; bur - yedown trees, and raft a Mount againfl (erufalem. This is the City to be vifted, the it wholly oppreffion in the midfl of her. Not only was (erufalem a City, but, The City,a Ciry above all Cities,. to be vifited by an opprefling enemy;and why ? even becaufe the not only had oppreffors inher,but was oppreflion. O, howoppref- five was that City,which was opprefl on,and that not only in fome parts of her, bur wholly, and that not in her skirts and fuburbs, but in the mida of her! The Lord, to (hew that the (ewes were fuper- latively rebelliou, or moll rebellious againa him, calleth them (, in the abara& ) rebellion, as the Margin bath it, (Ezell 2.7. ) and to (hew how fuperlatively oppreflive they were one againa. another, He calls (erufalem opprefon. Here in the Text we have a multitude ofopprefons, furely then, there were a multitude of oppreffors. To heare ofa multitude of finsof all forts,is veryfad, but when there is multitude ofone fort, and that one of the wort fort, and filch a fin as cannot go alone, but draws after it a heap of almoa all forts of fin : what a multitude of fans are therellt can not be denied, but that oppreflion is a very common epidemical fin, if we take and confider it in the full latitude of ir. For there is a two-fold oppreffion. Fira, there is a ferret oppreffion. To deceive,defraud, or go beyond anorher,in the ApofIles fenfe,is to opprers him.. And thus'tis laid, ( 114.12. 7, )He is gMerehaze,