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Chap. 3 5. an expeftien upon the Book, of J o s. Verf. 9. prefcns they make the opprefed to cry. They cry out by reafon ofthe arme ofthe mighty. Thefe words poynt us exprefly to the caufe of their cry,or out- cry ; it was the arme of the mighty; which may be taken either properly, or figuratively. Properly, the Arme is a well known and moll ufefull member of the body : And becaufe there is a gr at deal of (irength and power in the arme, therefore by a fi- guei the arme fgnifiethfiretrgrk, might, ; and to fay, they cryout by reafon of the arme of the mighty,is asmuch as to fay, they cry out by reafon cf the power of the mighty. The arme is Smell/Timms frequently in Scripture put for power; the powerful wrath of ',god dei fuppticium aut is called4tiearme of The Propheq Ija. 3o. 3o. ) fpeaks of re e e8ra- thelighting dòivrr ss arme. When the Lord lets his arme fall, chüjgi a- o- light down upon aman,a family,or aNation,in wrath, it cru(h- tur. eth either or all of them to pieces. And as the powerful wrath, - fo the powerful grace of God is called bis arme, (Ifa. 53. t. ) Who bath believed our report ? to whom is the arme of the Lord re- vealed ? That is, his mightypower, workingby and manifefiing is feif in Chrifi, and in the minilieryof the Gofpel,for the conviai- on, converfion, and falvation of (inners. Thus alto the arme of man, is the power ofman, ( Dan. a s . 6.) Shefhall not retain the power of the arme ; neitherfhall hefland,nor bis arme : That is, his power (hall fall , or both he and fhe ( Bernire and Autiochus Theca) (hall fall and be powerlefs. (hfal. 37. 16.) The arme of the wicked ( that is, thei r power) (hall be brok,en , but the Lord upholdeth the righteous. They cryout by reafon of the arme Ofthe mighty. The fame word which in the fir(i part of the verfe is traralated 07.71 multitude, is here tranflated, The mighty. But what was the mightinefs of there men ? There is a four-fold mightinefs, Firfi, there is mightinefs of body, that is natural might, and 'tis proper- ly the might of the arme. Secondly, there is amightinefs in va- lour and inArmes : Thus fouldiers and warders are mighty men ; they who having courage in their hearts , have alto weapons in their hands, and (words by their fides, are the mighty. Such a one was Gideon, to whom the Angel faid, (Y.udg. 6. 12. ) The Lord irwith thee, thou mighty man ofvaleur. Thirdly, there is a migh- I liners 57